Safety Measures: What To Look For When Shopping For Baby Toys

By Amy Willis
on April 17, 2019

Fun is healthy, but is your baby staying healthy while having fun? Bright colors, cheerful noises, and exciting textures are all important things to look for in your baby’s soft toys, rattles, and books, but these things should all come secondary to safety.

At Hatched Boutique, our favorite kind of baby toy is one that is safe, adorable, and made from organic materials. While it’s possible for baby toys to be safe without being organic, we prefer this distinction because we like knowing that only all-natural substances are going into our little ones’ curious mouths. We also like knowing that our purchases are contributing to a healthy planet, not a depleted one.

Whether you’re going for organic or simply safe, shopping for a reliable soft toy or hard toy takes a little bit of care. That being said, it’s definitely doable! Just use our reliable checklist the next time you’re at the toy store or shopping online.

1. Does My Child Fit The Intended Age Range?

Most children’s toys come with a tag or sticker explaining their intended age range. Manufacturers make these estimates by assessing what age a child must be to use the toy safely. Toys with small parts, for example, won’t generally be marketed towards children under three years of age. Don’t just rely on these labels, though! They’re just a guideline. Make sure to take your child’s actual playing habits into account.

2. Is It Non-Toxic?

Soft toys and plastic toys alike can potentially contain toxic substances. Common plastics such as PVC often contains heavy metals, phthalates, and other substances that interfere with normal development and cause cancer. The same goes for common fabric dyes including Azo dye. For a more sustainable and baby-safe alternative, we recommend choosing toys made from G.O.T.S certified organic fabrics or sustainably-sourced wood or bamboo. They’re safer and they’re just as colorful and stimulating to play with.

3. Could My Child Swallow The Toy Or Its Parts?

Safe baby toy use involves constant adult supervision, but it would be impossible for you to control everything your little one tries to do with her favorite soft toy or plastic toy. A newborn baby WILL taste, chew on, or even try to eat her toys. As a rule of thumb, make sure that the toy is bigger than your child’s mouth. If it’s a stuffed toy, check the eyes, ears, tails, and limbs to make sure they are sewn well and extremely difficult to tug off. Be especially wary of small magnets, which could repel and attract inside a child’s body and cause injury. Also, be wary about small parts that are hidden inside the toy.

4. Is It Too Heavy For Baby?

While you want your baby’s soft toys and hard toys to be too big to swallow, you also don’t want them to be so heavy that they’d hurt her if they fell over. This point applies especially to hard toys and play gyms, which have bigger frames. Make sure that play gyms are made from lightweight materials such as wood or hollow plastic, and make sure that there’s a solid base structure holding everything up. At Hatched Boutique, we prefer versatile minimalist play gyms made from untreated wood with detachable, loveable animal friends included.

5. Is There A Strangulation Risk?

A soft toy doesn’t have to have that much string attached to pose a strangulation hazard. Be wary about ribbons, yarns, strings or cords attached to any of your child’s toys, including baby mobiles that your child might be able to reach. Of course, many stuffed animals have tails attached. Most of them won’t be a worry – the strings you should be cautious about are those 12 inches or longer.

6. Is The Toy In Good Condition?

If you’re a parent who prefers the eco-friendly and small business option when shopping for yourself, you may also be interested in sourcing hand-me-down toys or locally handmade toys, especially soft toys, for your child. While these objects are often perfectly safe baby toys, this depends on the quality of craftsmanship and degree of wear. Use an especially critical eye when evaluating the conditions of these toys to make sure that there are no detachable parts or questionable materials in sight (or hidden inside!).

Browse The Hatched Boutique Collection

From natural latex toys painted with food-grade dyes to 100% organic hypoallergenic soft toys, our toy box is filled with high-quality baby toys that we curated for optimum safety and play value. If you’re looking for something to delight your own baby or an exciting gift for a baby shower, you’re in good hands. Visit the collection today and get free shipping on any order $35 or over!

The Great Adventure: 3 Nature-Friendly Field Trips Your Toddler Will Love

By Amy Willis
on April 17, 2019

Most of today’s young’uns are getting less outdoor time than their parents did when they were little. While this isn’t necessarily a problem, it does mean that you, the parent or caretaker, will need to take extra steps to encourage your child to get off of the screen and into the great outdoors. There are many benefits to wholesome outdoor toddler activities, including Vitamin D exposure, exercise, and the chance to appreciate nature. Pair substantial outdoor time with a non-toxic (preferably organic) indoor environment to make sure that your child is safely raised and holistically developed.

In this outdoorsy blog post, we’ll suggest a few nature trips to take with your toddler, complete with handy tips on what to wear and bring. Even if you live in an urban environment, chances are that one of these locations will be a short drive away from you. And if not, we made sure to include a few alternative field trip ideas so that you and your toddler don’t miss out on outdoor activities this season.

Apple Orchard

Toddlers love to learn about where common objects come from, and this absolutely applies to the fruit they eat! An apple orchard trip is a great way to enjoy the sights, smells and slight chill of the fall season while also getting some exercise and family time in. Assign your little one the task of picking out the juiciest apples she can reach, and she won’t disappoint you. When you get home, it’s your turn to get to work: whip out the family apple pie recipe or find a delightful new apple recipe to put those sweet fruits to good use. Apple-picking is a toddler activity that will easily turn into a yearly tradition for the entire family.

What To Wear & Bring

Always dress appropriately for outdoor activities, bringing layers when appropriate. Consider bringing:

  • Overalls or other rugged clothes
  • Rain boots, if rain or mud is expected
  • Raincoats, if rain is expected
  • A box, sack or wagon for all those apples

Similar Trip Ideas

  • Pumpkin patches
  • Berry farms
  • Family-friendly farms
  • Farmer’s markets

National Park

Instilling your child with a love of national parks and nature preserves at a young age is a great way to set him up for a life of physical fitness and closeness with nature. National parks are full of activities that both toddlers and adults can enjoy, making them another great field trip idea for the whole family.

Look for child-friendly programs and sights such as child-oriented talks, easy but beautiful hikes, wildlife viewing ops, and exciting geological formations. It’s always a good idea for your child to bring a friend to keep boredom at bay. Prepare to take lots of breaks for resting and noticing things big and small!

What to Wear & Bring

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Jackets or hoodies, if chilly weather or high altitudes are expected
  • Hats to protect from the chill and sun
  • Plenty of water and trail snacks
  • A camera for animal and plant sightings
  • A park map to help locate the toddler activities

Similar Trip Ideas

  • Your local park
  • Zoos and aquariums

Botanical Garden

Botanical gardens and arboretums, especially those equipped for children’s education, are full of opportunities for family fun and discovery. Yes, you will have the chance to view plants and flowers with unique characteristics and backgrounds, but that’s not all - many botanical gardens will also offer an intimate look into how plants are sown and grown. Some of them will even offer bug- or bird-viewing activities that allow your toddler to get up close and personal with her tiny neighbors. Don’t be surprised if your child leaves the botanical garden with a newfound passion for gardening or birdwatching!

What To Wear & Bring

  • Hats to keep UV rays at bay
  • A camera to document interesting plants and animals
  • Water and snacks
  • A packed lunch to eat after all that walking

Similar Trip Ideas

  • Butterfly sanctuaries
  • Natural history museums
  • Tree nurseries
  • Garden stores
  • Your own backyard!

Your Great Adventure Is Waiting!

With a little research and planning, a beautiful outdoor trip can easily be on your family’s horizon. Take your toddler on plenty of outdoor activities from a young age and you’ll be less likely to have a TV-hugger on your hands.

We hope this post has inspired you with a few field trip ideas that appeal to you and your moppet! The next step is to make sure that your little one is properly dressed for your plans. Browse the tabs above to shop all the clothing, hats, sunglasses and more that your child needs to stay safe and cozy on your next outing!

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