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Cloth Diapers: 5 Reasons to Consider Switching

By Mersiha Nuhanovic
on September 16, 2019

Cloth Diapers: 5 Reasons to Consider Switching

Are you curious about cloth diapers, but perhaps hesitant to take the plunge? We get it. They may, at first glance, seem more complicated, messier, more costly, and more of a hassle than traditional disposables. However, we’re happy to report that there are many benefits of cloth diapers for both babies and parents, and that cloth diapers have come a long way when it comes to design and durability over the past few years. Explore some of your options for your baby’s diaper needs and learn all about the case for cloth on the Hatched Boutique blog.

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Raising Baby Organically, On A Budget: Our Quick Guide

By Mersiha Nuhanovic
on September 09, 2019
As a parent, you’re always looking to do everything you can to make sure your baby is happy, healthy, and safe. Perhaps your family already has an organic lifestyle, or maybe now that you’ve had a little one you’re looking for ways to transition into a more organic way of life. The good news is, parents and families have so many resources and options when it comes to living organically, eating organic on a budget, and finding all-natural products than ever before. Read our top tips for raising baby organically without emptying your wallet on the Hatched Boutique blog.

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The Great Wide Open: Spectacular Outdoor Photo Shoots For Baby

By Mersiha Nuhanovic
on September 02, 2019

outdoor photoshoot ideas

If you’re raising a baby, these outdoor photoshoot ideas are a lovely way to commemorate this special and fleeting time in your child’s life. Whether you’re the type of family to hit the hiking trails every weekend with your little one or simply enjoy relaxing together in the sunshine on a nice day, you’re sure to love these suggestions for taking great kids outdoor photos that you’ll treasure forever. Read up on our top photoshoot tips on the Hatched Boutique blog.

Share Your Favorite Place with Baby

special spot

If you and your partner have a special spot—the park where you walked on your first date, the secluded beach where you got engaged—it can be particularly lovely to revisit it with your baby in tow for some doubly-meaningful kids outdoor photos. When it comes to outdoor photoshoot ideas, this is a sweet way to get the whole family involved and add lots of personal meaning to your images. And like many parents, you probably find yourself outside of the frame more often than not, but this could be a great chance to get at least a few images of all of you together.

Capturing Your Baby In Their Element

While we definitely love the use of props for baby photos, it can also be very sweet to capture your baby among the things they use and love every day and that you and baby already have a deep connection with. For newborns and younger babies, you’ll want plenty of their cutest blankets to swaddle them with, along with blankets that will serve as a background for many of your images—a Milestone blanket and card set can be a great choice that allows you to document each phase of your little one’s life. You may also consider gathering a few of their favorite toys to use in the pictures—and to keep them busy and entertained in between snaps.

Surround Baby with Blooms

Take your cues from the natural world when it comes to your outdoor photoshoot ideas: a few well-placed flowers or plants will go a long way in adding a sense of abundance and beauty to your images. You can work with synthetic flowers or fresh cut flowers, depending on your preferences, and choose containers for them that echo the overall look you are trying to achieve. Zinc buckets are great for a vintage-styled photoshoot vibe, while wicker baskets feel homey, rustic, and sweet. If you’d like, you can even make your own infant-sized flower crown for your little one to wear, give them a single flower to hold, or tuck a tiny blossom into one of their buttonholes.

Bring The Indoors Outside

Any outdoor space can be quickly converted into an amazing place for a photoshoot with the right background materials—even a cozy patch of your backyard will feel idyllic with the right outdoor photoshoot ideas and backdrops. We love the idea of setting up a sweet teepee or canopy for your little one to cozy up to outside, or bring a little bit of the indoors outdoors: a charming ottoman, chair, or even some soft pillows arranged to the right effect will create a super comfy, dreamy space for your kids outdoor photos and add a refined look to your final images.

capturing your child’s sense of joy

Taking Advantage of the Season

What matters most when it comes to kids outdoor photos isn’t waiting for the perfect weather, but capturing your child’s sense of joy and wonder at the world around them. The best outdoor photoshoot ideas can happen during any season, especially if you have the right clothing and props to make the most of things. This could mean stocking up on sweet sweaters for boys and girls during the fall and surrounding baby with plenty of pumpkins and gourds, or cute bathing suits, sunglasses, and bright balloons for summertime photo sessions. Use the weather and season as an invitation to see the world through your child’s eyes, and you’ll be sure to feel your creativity start to flow.

Meet Hatched Boutique

Whether you’re getting snap-happy with kids outdoor photoshoot ideas or simply looking for well-made, beautifully designed organic apparel and goods for your baby or toddler, we can help you find exactly what you need. Shop all of the leading natural, organic brands for babies and kids at Hatched Boutique, where we guarantee quality and all orders ship for free.

Indoor Herb Garden: Teach Your Child To Love Gardening Early On

By Mersiha Nuhanovic
on August 29, 2019

Indoor Herb Garden: Teach Your Child To Love Gardening Early On

Seeking new ways to engage with your busy toddler? Creating a toddler garden is not only a fun activity to occupy your little one over the course of an afternoon, but both parents and kids alike will find joy in selecting and caring for their new plants, which are bound to be a beautiful addition to any home.

Whether you and your little one are city dwellers or have plenty of space to roam and play outside, creating an herb garden together has a host of benefits, including helping you bond, teaching your little one about gardening and nature, and increasing their awareness of concepts like responsibility. Learn how to create a beautiful window herb garden with these pointers from the Hatched Boutique blog.

Select the Perfect Location

Herbs grow well in indoor places that receive lots of natural light—aim for a place for your toddler garden that gets between 6 and 8 hours of strong natural sunlight, if possible. Keep in mind that the optimal temperature for most herb gardens is between 60 and 70 degrees fahrenheit (which should be easy to achieve without a second thought in most homes.) While you’re seeking out the best spot, this is a chance to talk to your child about how plants need sunlight in order to grow—their very first lesson in caring for their new plants! Ask for their help in choosing a sunny place, so that you’re getting them involved from the very beginning.

Pick Your Plants and Plant Receptacles

This is another chance to involve your little one in creating the look and style of their toddler garden! You can take a trip to your local nursery together to select pots and plants, begin with seeds, or visit a nearby farmers market, which often sells interesting herb varieties at inexpensive prices. You can recycle containers in your household to add in a little lesson on reusing what you have on hand (just make sure you can add holes to allow for proper drainage) or opt for planters with a chalkboard surface that allows you to write each plant’s name on the front—another great learning opportunity for your tot!

Pot Your Herbs

Choose the right potting mixture for your herbs to give them the best possible foundation and get your herb garden off to the right start. Your toddler will likely love the chance to get a little messy, so spread out some newspaper and get down on the floor to show them how to carefully fill your receptacles with potting mix and explain to them along the way about how plants are structured to soak up everything they need through their roots. Learning the anatomy of plants and some basic science behind how plants “eat” and grow will help your toddler feel more involved in creating their little window herb garden.

Get on A Good Watering Schedule

Herbs thrive with regular watering, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to give your toddler garden a daily dousing. Instead, you and your toddler can feel the top layer of soil with the tips of your fingers and assess the dryness level: the potting mix should feel slightly moist, but not mushy. If it’s on the dry, crumbly side, it’s time to water your herbs. A little water goes a long way, so be sure to tell your little one that you need to be careful and patient when watering those plants: another way to teach them responsibility and instruct them on the delicate nature of other living things.

Invite Your Toddler to Taste and Smell

A final way to enjoy your toddler garden: explain to your little one about how plants grow foods that make us strong and healthy, or in this case, add flavor to the things we eat. If they don’t like the taste of any of the herbs from your window herb garden, you can still encourage them to interact with the plants and get to know the differences between herb varieties by inviting them to touch and smell each herb as you use it to season your food.

Help Your Little Ones Learn with Hatched Boutique

From clothes for girls and boys that they can roam and play in, to toys and books that help with their development and sense of imagination, Hatched Boutique offers a thoughtfully selection inventory of beautifully made items for children and moms. Explore more fun ideas for bonding with and entertaining your toddlers and babies on our blog today, and follow us on Instagram to get updates on sales, promotions, and new items as they arrive.

Pregnant? Here’s the Music Baby Needs to Hear In Utero

By Mersiha Nuhanovic
on August 28, 2019

If you’re expecting, you’re likely doing everything you can to make sure your baby has the best start possible. For newborns and babies, healthy bodies and brains begin in the womb, and in addition to eating well, getting quality sleep, and taking good care of yourself, there is plenty you can do to help your baby develop and grow before they’re born.

One of those things includes playing music in utero for your child, which studies show can stimulate their reflexes, help them bond with you, and soothe them while they’re still developing—pregnancy can be pretty amazing that way, huh? Read the Hatched Boutique blog for the best ways to introduce your growing baby to music and what kind of music to play for baby in the womb today.

Baby’s Developing Hearing

While their ears develop fairly early on, most babies begin to hear sounds in utero around 16 weeks, though most of the sounds come from inside of your body—the thump of your heartbeat and the hush of your breathing. Though by around week 22 to 24 of development, your baby will start to hear and even respond to noises from outside the womb. That means the middle of the second trimester is a great time to start finding music to play for baby in the womb, and their ability to hear music in utero will only get stronger with time.

Tips on Listening to Music Safely

While babies are generally well-protected from harsh sounds and their hearing can be a bit muffled, there are still some safety precautions you’ll want to consider before you hit play. Here are a few pointers on how to play music safely for your unborn baby before you start selecting music to play for baby in the womb:

  • Keep the volume at a moderate level—music is good for your little one, but exposure to very loud, repeated sounds can cause potential hearing issues
  • Give baby a break—prolonged exposure to music can overstimulate your unborn child
  • Avoid getting up close to the speakers in situations when listening to live music. Amniotic fluid does a great job at protecting your baby’s ears, but very loud music can startle them and cause more stress than benefits

Introduce Some Classical Tunes

The jury is still out on whether playing Classical music will help boost your baby’s IQ and snag them extra SAT points later in life, but some studies have shown that classical music is a great way to soothe your baby, both before they are born and afterwards. So, it can’t hurt to introduce them to their first Mozart Sonatas or your favorite Beethoven symphony when you’re thinking about music to play for baby in the womb—and it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a classical music buff yourself: the goal is to find something Mom and Dad will enjoy too. Plus, any music that helps mom relax is going to be good for your little one as well—consider playing music while doing a little self care for a great skin and brain-soothing combo.

Mellow and Meditative

Calming music, whether that means soulful R&B, slow, folksy jams, or meditative chants can all help soothe your baby, so don’t be afraid to play some of your favorite chill songs while hanging around the house. That said, one especially great way to introduce your baby to music in utero is to sing to them—your voice may in fact be the most soothing sound of all! One way you can get to know your baby and vice versa is to sing to them. They’ll learn to recognize and respond to songs you sing them in the womb when they’re born, and newborns will turn their head towards a voice they recognize—they’re hardwired to find their clan from birth.

Have a Little Fun

Playing music in utero doesn’t have to be all somber stuff—don’t be afraid to get a little playful when it comes to music to play for baby in the womb. Put on your favorite classic rock albums and have a dance party, or sing along to some top pop. There are lots of playlists out there for parents-to-be, ranging from cool jazz tunes to soulful acoustics, so go ahead and rock out to something you love. Your baby will benefit from you being active and happy, and who knows? You may have a future rocker on your hands! Just be sure to get them a fun rattle so they can eventually start making a little noise of their own.

About Hatched Boutique

At Hatched Boutique, we’re committed to getting babies and parents off on the right foot. As a resource for baby gear, toys, clothes, and more, we focus on thoughtfully designed and well-crafted clothing and accessories for your child’s early years, along with items that help busy moms pamper and care for themselves—so you can better care for your little one. Stimulate their imagination with our selection of toys, or shop by brand to find the latest from trusted labels you love.

Bohemian Bliss: Developing Your Little One’s Budding Style Sense

By Mersiha Nuhanovic
on August 28, 2019

Is there anything sweeter than a little one dressed with a sense of adventurous style? We think not. Free-spirited fun, and whimsical, the boho look is a perfect approach to dressing your little one, whether they’re a newborn or a toddler on the go.

Looking to achieve your own boho bliss and help your tiny tot develop their sense of personal style? We’ve got you covered. From bohemian baby clothing to the most adorable (and enviably chic) boho baby girl outfits, we’ve got the lowdown on the latest looks for stylish little ones on the Hatched Boutique blog.

Ruffled Boho Looks for Girls

True bohemian style is all about simplicity and adding the right embellishments when and where it counts. A little bit of ruffle detailing goes a long way with these boho looks, which are sweet and carefree, but also simple and restrained: perfect for growing babies and toddlers on the move. In terms of bohemian baby clothing, add a little personality to her next outfit with a sweet ruffled bodysuit, or deck her out in a ruffle-trimmed dress that taps into romance and sweetness of the best bohemian-influenced styles.

Chic Shoes for Little Feet

Dress them in shoes that promote a sense of exploration and adventure! When it comes to bohemian baby clothing, don’t skimp on the details. Your little one will look like a style icon in these comfy, classic shoes that are crafted to last (with hidden velcro for extra security and easy removal!) Even if they’re not yet standing on their own, they’re sure to look chic beyond their years with simple, well-made shoes that go with any of her boho baby girl outfits.

Cool Dresses

Get her dresses that let her run and play with ease, while still looking cute enough for a special occasion. Seek out dress options with features that both moms and kids appreciate, such as sweet pleats that flounce when she moves, breathable fabric, and super cool colors and designs. You’ll find yourself wishing that these boho baby girl outfits were offered in adult sizes!

Unique Patterns

Boho baby girl outfits are all about cool color combinations and unexpected patterns that are both joyful and sophisticated. For the boho-chic baby, we adore one-pieces that can be worn as PJs, are easy for hanging around the house, and are cute enough for those mid-afternoon errands. Prints that are engaging but not too busy are the name of the game here, and intelligent features and details will help make life easier for both Mom and her little ones: well-placed snaps and zippers make those diaper changes a breeze, and padded feet help your toddler gain traction as they explore and play.

Bohemian Baby Gowns

Start them off on a stylish foot right away with baby gowns that draw inspiration from the best of bohemian style. Gowns make great bohemian baby clothing for both boys and girls, and will be a lifesaver in those early days and weeks when bleary-eyed parents find themselves stumbling to the nursery for yet another diaper change. Cool patterns will look great in all of those newborn photos you’ll be taking, and lush, soft fabrics will feel divine on baby’s tender, sensitive skin.


Top it Off with The Right Accessories

Any kid can achieve a boho-chic wardrobe with a few of the right accessories. For bohemian baby clothing, we love a sweet hat in a quirky print or pretty floral. When they’re teeny tiny, even a swaddle in a cool pattern can be an amazing accessory, so consider stocking up on a few swaddle blankets in hues you adore. For older children, a well-placed headband or bow is a fun way to embellish their outfit with a little bit of bohemian detailing, while little girls and guys alike will have fun donning a cool pair of sunglasses (that also keep their developing eyes shielded from the sun’s harmful rays.)

Go Organic

The bohemian style is all about taking inspiration from what’s natural, free-spirited, and what makes us feel good inside and out. It’s never too soon for your little one to start experiencing the joys of clothing that is both kind on our skin and bodies and kind to nature. In true bohemian ethos, consider shopping for organic fabrics that won’t irritate your little one’s sensitive skin and that will promote a responsible, sustainable lifestyle. At Hatched Boutique, we are committed to natural, sustainably derived items and boho baby girl outfits that have been crafted from organic materials for clothing and accessories that are both stylish and kind.

Shop Bohemian Baby Clothing at Hatched Boutique

At Hatched Boutique, we stock the best-loved brands in organic, sustainable clothing for boys and girls so you and your growing family can dress in ways that feel good and help your little ones express their developing sense of style. In addition to our clothing for kids and babies, we also offer timeless accessories and toys to help expand your children’s minds and promote a joyful, creative lifestyle. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates and receive 15% off of your first order, and follow us on Instagram to stay in touch.

White Noise: Nature Inspired Sights & Sounds for Baby to Relax To

By Mersiha Nuhanovic
on July 15, 2019

A baby wearing a snail costume sleeps in a bed

During baby’s first years, the quality of her sleep affects her parents’ well-being as much as it affects her own. When you’ve got a newborn on the way, expect to spend a decent amount of time figuring out how to get your baby to sleep on time, for enough time, and with minimal fuss involved.

While there are no one-size-fits-all baby bedtime hacks out there, we have found that playing white noise is a strategy that helps many parents get baby to sleep faster. It’s easy, inexpensive (or free), and relatively low-risk. You can choose a generic white noise, or you can choose a nature track to play. It all depends on what you and your child prefer. In this blog post: details to get you started with a little white noise bedtime experimentation of your own!

The Benefits Of White Noise

White noise can be defined as a steady but unobtrusive noise. If you’ve ever relied on the lulling ocean waves of a white noise phone app or on the steady beating of an electric fan to go to sleep, then you know exactly how white noise can benefit sleep for both you and baby. To sum it up, white noise:

  • Masks less consistent, more distracting noises such as talking, street noises, household noises, etc.
  • Mimics the noise of the womb, something that is more familiar to baby than a silent room
  • Can help baby know when it’s time to sleep, when used consistently

A significant 1990 study published in the Archives of Diseases in Childhood revealed that of 40 babies exposed to white noise, 80% went to sleep within 5 minutes. The effectiveness of white noise for getting a little one to sleep is undeniable, as long as you keep things safe (more on that below).

Noises From Nature

Both man-made and natural sights and sounds can benefit your child’s development. Playground sounds and car sounds, for instance, can familiarize your child with environments she will one day inhabit. Nature noises, on the other hand, tend to have a more soothing effect. Deep and pulsing noises, such as rain, heartbeats and ocean wave white noise will better mirror the pulsing that baby experienced within the womb. There’s a time and a place for Mozart and Vivaldi, but during relaxation hour nature-inspired white noise is a better choice for baby.

How To Use Nature White Noise Safely

Before using any white noise machine or phone app, make sure you know how to do so safely. For instance, 50 dbA is the maximum noise level that experts say babies can safely be exposed to. Also, no device should be placed within the baby’s crib, and nor should any cables. To keep your child from growing a dependency on white noise, we also recommend putting her to bed without any white noise at least once in a while. It’s nice to get some help with baby’s routine; it’s not so nice to find yourself powerless without that help.

Sights From Nature

Baby bassinet against an urban background

White noise isn’t the only way to soothe baby before bedtime. Going on a walk before naptime or bedtime is also a popular strategy. For one, the rhythmic movement of a stroller will help get your baby to bed. Sounds from the city will also help your child’s natural development. If you go on a walk in a natural zone such as a park, you will also get the added benefit of exposing your child to calming nature sounds and sights. For those parents who wish to raise a child deeply in tune with the natural world, nature walks are a great routine to begin in infancy.

Shop Hatched Boutique Baby White Noise Sleep Aids

The serenity star, a 5-in-1 baby clock by aden + anais brand

No baby boutique would be complete without all the products a parent needs to get baby to sleep safely and comfortably. Our crib sheets, blankets, girls’ and boys’ pajamas, calming bath products and more are the perfect organic solutions for your child’s bedtime routine.

Think white noise might be for you? There are plenty of products and apps out there offering white noise such as ocean waves. Our cute and handy aden + anais serenity star is one of them! It’s a 5-in-1 electronic system that tells time, records feeding times, provides light, indicates room temperature, and provides white noise and lullabies to help baby sleep. It’s been a big help for us throughout the years. Read more about it here!

Healthy Habits: 5 Things to Remember When Starting Baby’s Vegetarian Diet

By Mersiha Nuhanovic
on July 08, 2019

A white bowl filled with an orange-colored purée.

Vegetarianism is not just humane, it’s also healthy…when done right. The good news is that raising a healthy vegetarian baby is more than possible. Thankfully, there are a growing number of environmentally-conscious brands out there making delicious meal and snack options for newborns. Also, thankfully, a lot of research has been done on baby nutrition. With a little effort, you can find out just what your baby needs and how to get it with organic baby foods centered on plants.

Are you thinking about raising your newborn on vegetarian baby food? When she stops breastfeeding (or eating formula) at six months of age, you can safely begin her vegetarian diet! Just make sure to consider these five important vegetarian baby tips when you do.

1. Find Sources For Protein, Iron, Omega-3, Etc.

Crackers surrounded by cheeses and powders.

All parents must ensure that their newborns get all the nutrients they need, but parents of vegetarian babies must get especially creative in how they do so. Essentials such as protein, fat, omega-3 fats, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and iron can be difficult to get from plants, which tend to be rich in fibers but low in these other nutrients.

Good thing the Internet is filled with vegetarian baby food ideas that are very nutrient-specific. Do an online search or read a vegetarian baby nutrition book and you’ll find out just how your child can get everything she needs from just plants. For example:

  • Fat can be found in avocado, yogurt, pasteurized cheese and nuts/seeds in powder or butter form
  • Omega-3 fats can be found in omega-3 enriched eggs, soybeans, walnut powder, and tofu
  • Vitamin B12 can be found in eggs and yogurt
  • Iron can be found in iron-fortified cereal, legumes, and tofu

Even if your baby eats vegetarian food, she may be getting everything she needs just by breastfeeding because each of these nutrients is found in breast milk. Talk to your doctor to find out if breast milk is enough for your baby.

2. Supplements May Be Necessary

A baby lies in a couch and drinks milk from a bottle

It is quite common for newborns to need a few nutritional supplements starting from birth no matter what organic baby foods they’re getting. For example, children who breastfeed instead of taking formula need Vitamin D supplements as breast milk does not contain the amount that they need. A baby who eats vegetarian food may need supplements for vitamin B12, iron, calcium, zinc, and other substances, too. It’s possible that all your baby needs is a multivitamin that contains everything she’s lacking. Talk to your doctor to find out!

3. Baby CAN Eat Nuts & Seeds (Just Not Whole Ones)

If you are vegetarian or vegan, you know just how important nuts and seeds are to a meatless diet. Rich in protein, iron, vitamins B and E, calcium, iron, zinc, dietary fiber, and lots more, nuts and seeds cover a lot of bases and leave you feeling full. Hopefully, you already know that these tiny food items pose a serious choking hazard for babies. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be a part of your little one’s vegetarian baby food diet! Nuts and seeds can be fed in plenty of non-solid forms including:

  • Butter (such as peanut butter and almond butter), which goes great with crackers or bread
  • Oil (such as walnut oil and grapeseed oil), which can be added to all sorts of organic baby food recipes
  • Powder (such as ground walnuts), which also works with all sorts of recipes

Before trying any nut product, ask your doctor what your child’s risk of allergy is, especially if she already has a family member who is allergic!

4. Watch Out For Allergies And Diaper Rash

Aden + anais diaper cream

Certain types of allergies and irritations are more common amongst babies being fed vegetarian food. For instance, citrus fruits are acidic and can cause skin irritation leading to hives and worsened diaper rashes. If you’re relying on oranges for vitamin C or on fortified orange juice for calcium or vitamin D, then be very observant about your child’s skin and make sure to use an iron-rich diaper cream to minimize rashes. Another allergy that affects babies is the sensitivity towards certain colors of food, such as orange foods (oranges and carrots, for example). This bizarre allergy can also cause hives and diaper rashes.

5. Goat Milk Can Be a Healthy Alternative

For some babies, goat milk formula can be a healthy and nutrient-packed alternative in the transition between breast milk and solid foods (about 4 months on, no sooner). Try a trusted, mom-led brand like Kabrita. Goat milk is easier on young tummies to digest than cow’s milk, and can be served straight from the sippy cup.

6. Vegan Baby Diets Are Much More Tricky

Parents who are feeding their baby vegetarian food can help their babies get a lot of essential nutrients from eggs and cow’s milk. Parents of vegan children, however, aren’t so lucky. They must do a lot more work to understand nutrition and find alternative food choices for their little ones. Milk alternatives such as soy milk and rice milk can be extremely helpful, though soy milk can’t be taken until six months of age and rice milk can’t be taken safely until about nine months of age. Unless perfect nutrition is achieved, supplements such as iodine, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin D may be necessary for a vegan child.

Make Meal Time Healthy And Fun, Too!

A baby eats snacks from a plate that reads “baby got snacks”

Starting baby on vegetarian food can be quite tricky, but with the right attitude, you’ll learn a lot, and have fun! When raising a child, it’s ok to be picky about everything from organic baby food recipes to vegetarian options to the very plates you serve her meals on. textiles to toys. Read more about the Hatched Boutique health-first, sustainable ethos at our about page!

The Art of Self Care: 7 Organic Ways Mommy Can Indulge

By Mersiha Nuhanovic
on June 13, 2019

Erbaviva body butter

Self-care won’t solve all of your problems, but it’s a necessary part of any long-term mommy survival game plan. Think about it this way: wouldn’t you like your kids to grow up with strategies in their back pocket for restoring calmness and snatching tiny bits of pleasure no matter what emotional state they’re in? The best way to teach them that is to lead by example.

Create a self care regimen involving products that satisfy you while feeling only a tiny bit over-indulgent. There’s no need to fill a whole drawer with self care products; perhaps only one shelf of your bathroom cabinet. The next time you want to stock up on something to indulge in, we recommend going organic. Beauty that hurts your health would be counterproductive, so why risk it? From foods to spa stuff, we’ll cover a few of our favorite organic self-care buys in this post.

1. Aromatic Bath Products

For many people, taking a shower or bath regularly is a primary stress-relief ritual. With organic bath-time self care products such as a gentle and fragrant body wash, artisanal bath bomb, or exfoliating scrub, you can upgrade your cleansing ritual to a moment of pleasure full of sensations and smells you love.

Hatched Boutique is home to bath products by Erbaviva, an all-ages organic skin care brand that relies on nature to create positive beauty and health results. Their products, which include stretch mark cream and nipple cream, are very thoughtful organic gift ideas for any new mother!

2. Aromatic Massage Oil or Lotion

Erbaviva body butter

Bath-time with self care products is a great way to start an afternoon of self-pampering. If you have time after you finish – on a weekend, for instance – it can be a good idea to follow up the bath with a brief massage using an aromatic emollient lotion or massage oil. That way, when you do step back into the fast-paced routine of daily life, that nice moisturized and perfumed feeling will keep you going strong!

3. Essential Oil Aromatherapy

Two lit candles next to some towels with flowers on top of it

Continuing on the theme of aromatic self care products, we highly recommend giving essential oils a try. Just go to a shop with lots of different kinds available and give them a round of sniffs until you find something you like! There are lots of ways to use them. You can roll them on your wrist or behind the ears as perfume; you can roll them onto your yoga mat to enhance your experience on the mat; or, you can use them with an air diffuser to keep the scents in the air longer.

Smells are something you can enjoy in most settings. Keep a little joy in your pocket with a small tube of essential oils. Are you more of a candle or incense person? Those are also great aromatic self care products!

4. Face mask

No self care regimen is complete without something specifically intended for your beautiful face. Depending on what your goals are for facial skincare, there are lots of organic face mask ingredients that can reach them including:

  • Yogurt to lift surface cells
  • Aloe vera to boost radiance
  • Turmeric to reduce redness
  • Egg white and lemon juice to reduce the appearance of pores
  • Ground almonds to protect against pollution

Shop for an organic face mask containing these ingredients, or make your own using recipes found online! Creating and applying a face mask for your own mother would make a great personalized organic gift idea.

5. Juice or Smoothie

A woman lies on her stomach in bed next to a plate of bagels and juice

What you put into your body is even more important than what you put on its surface. Self care products are great to have, but whenever possible, you should also try to rejuvenate your insides with fresh, organic substances. When you’re busy (and especially if you’re a busy mom), it can be hard to stay in a health-oriented mindset. The right smoothie will provide you with some of the nutrients you need while also containing your favorite fruits and tasting delicious. It’ll also reacquaint you to the flavors of nature and leave you craving more of Mother Nature’s goodness. It would be impossible to oversell this one!

6. Something Comfy to Wear

Need a quick, effortless boost? Getting a wearable self care product – such as a comfortable new organic bathrobe, pair of slippers, silk kimono or hair turban – is a great way to feel more joyful even if you’re busy cleaning or doing errands. Make sure you have a “comfy but cute” outfit prepped for all those days when you want to spend minimal effort. Some days are meant for skinny jeans, but on some days only sweat pants or harem pants will do.

7. Organic Bedding

Hatched boutique baby bedding

You sleep in your bed every day. Though you don’t consciously experience every moment of your sleep, you DO feel the effects of your sleep the next morning. Good bedding is a crucial self care product that also makes an excellent organic gift idea. To get the best night’s sleep possible, make sure you not only wash and replace your bed sheets as needed, but also that you prepare natural (or at least non-toxic) bed sheets for your bed. At Hatched Boutique, we offer organic blankets for your child to use. But don’t just treat baby; treat yourself, too! We hear silk pillowcases feel amazing and come with lots of health benefits.

Upgrade Your Parenting Routine with Hatched Boutique

Shopping organic has a lot of benefits, including creating a non-toxic living environment, supporting better farming practices, and surrounding yourself with items that feel more comfortable on the skin. Most of the self care products and baby clothes at Hatched Boutique are made from organic materials. That way, it’s easy for you to stock up on organic parenting supplies all in one place. We’ve also got amazing mommy products in stock. Check out our list of all the awesome premium brands we carry here!

Preparing Baby's Layette, the Natural Way

By Mersiha Nuhanovic
on June 06, 2019

A baby clothed in white lies in a man’s hand

When bringing baby home from the hospital, it’s important that he already has most of the clothes he needs for his first few days. Yes, there’s a little room for error, but you’ll have a much more comfortable time as a parent if you have all the basics ready so you can focus on your new arrival.

At Hatched Boutique, we’re huge proponents of the completely organic layette. It’s not that we want to shelter our kids from everything - there are plenty of toxins out in the world - but we do what we can. We work on creating a natural immediate environment. We stock our boutique full of cute, cuddly, and baby-safe layette options so that when you (or a new mother in your life) start creating your next layette, you can go organic if you choose. Check everything off your list with the products we outline in this article!

The Going-Home Outfit

A baby wears a pink bodysuit and white pants

For excited parents, the going-home outfit is one of the most important parts of the organic layette set. The hospital will provide you with all the clothing you need while there, but you’ll need to prepare your own clothes for baby to wear on the trip home. The best going-home outfit is not just cute but also foolproof. For instance, you need something that can accommodate the car seat straps and seatbelt. You’ll also need to prepare layers so that you’re ready for anything. Examples of newborn layette outfits to prepare include:

When choosing the top or bodysuit for your organic going home layette, make sure that the neck of the outfit is easy to deal with. Babies have extremely delicate heads and it’s best not to jostle or touch that area too much. Always go for clothing with front buttons so that nothing has to be pulled on over the head. And be prepared for the unexpected--if things don’t go as smoothly as planned, you want baby to be as comfy as possible!

Other Layette Clothing

Babies need a lot of stuff! It’s a lot of fun to prepare their layette, but it can also be a chore. To cut down on expenses and work, try to get as much of your child’s layette needs ready with help from your baby shower guests. Your personal organic layette will be up to you to create, but here are some of the products that we’ve always found to be necessary in our experience:

  • About 7 one pieces (long or short-sleeved, depending on the weather);
  • About 7 onesies;
  • About 6 pajamas (sleeping gowns or one pieces);
  • About 5 pairs of socks;
  • 2 or more hats;
  • 5 or more burp cloths;
  • 10 or more bibs.

Babies grow quickly. While your newborn organic layette is the most important thing to have right away, we also suggest that you prepare larger sizes ahead of time in preparation for those weeks when your child seems to be a different size every day.

Bedding Layette

A baby is wrapped in a swaddle with foxes on it

Bedding is a crucial component to get right in order to prevent SIDS. Make certain you do your research to ensure that your bed and bedding are as baby-safe as possible!

  • 2 swaddles. We recommend multi-purpose aden + anais swaddles;
  • 4 or more receiving blankets;
  • 2 or more fitted sheets for the crib mattress. We recommend Copper Pearl one-size-fits-all sheets.

Good organic layette bedding makes a difference. It is breathable, feels soft to the skin, and only gets softer with every wash. We carry bedding in a wide price range in all sorts of designs to help add comfort to your baby’s day and joy to yours.

Other Layette Supplies…

Erbaviva organic baby oil 125 mL bottle

We won’t list all the newborn care supplies you need here – we’re sure you’ve done your own research for that. However, we will suggest that you go organic with certain items on your list, especially those items that come in close contact with skin. Consider going organic for:

For all your organic layette skincare needs, we recommend products by Erbaviva. They are committed to using natural ingredients. In other words, you can pronounce all the ingredients in their products! Also check out organic skincare products catered for mommy’s use. Your new arrival isn’t the only one that needs some serious pampering after his arrival.

Shop Newborn Layette at Hatched Boutique

Posh Baby Gowns Gray and White Stripes

Your baby deserves the softest, safest welcome possible, so make sure he has that with help from high quality organic layette clothing, bedding, and other products! One great reason to buy organic clothing and bedding is because they are made to last. You can throw them carelessly into the wash again and again; you’ll be amazed at how well they continue to soothe baby and keep her clean.

We’d be happy to help you prepare for your layette in any way possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us! Get started on layette clothing shopping for your baby girl or boy today!