Hatching a Plan

New Year's Goals For the Earth-Conscious Mother

By Mersiha Nuhanovic
on December 17, 2019

a smiling mom holds a baby

New year, new you, right? Tailor your new year goals to your earth-conscious life. You want the world to be a better, safer place for your baby. Change can start with the basics, and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time or energy. Become the eco-friendly mom of your friend group and stand as an example of living an authentically green life. Start off small if you need to—every step counts, and every improvement has an impact. From shopping at the local farmers' market to making the choice to use cloth diapers, you can transform into an environmentally conscious mom who sets an example for her children, too. Hatched Boutique is right there with you, and we have some unbeatable goals to share.

Reusable: New Year, New Concept

a baby wears a colorful cloth diaper

Adopting reusable products can easily be one of your leading new year goals. There are all sorts of things that you can swap out for reusable items. As it pertains to baby, you can make it a goal to try out cloth diapers. Reusing diapers decreases the amount of disposable waste. It may be more comfortable for your baby, as well. Save the disposables for outings and other occasions when cloth diapers aren't practical.

As for mom, consider ditching plastic water bottles. Look at all the reusable options available to you! Whether it's a hydro flask or a Yeti, choose something that works with your lifestyle. You'll save money, too, so it's a win for everyone, including Mother Earth.

Are you still having your groceries packed into plastic bags? Not only is it better for the environment to switch to reusable bags, but you also spend less money because it's harder to over-buy without the promise of infinite bags. Speaking of which, you won't have to deal with random balls of bags tucked away in your kitchen.

Make the Leap to All-Natural Toys

a baby on the floor surrounded by toys

Another goal for eco-friendly moms is to get the baby in on it, too. You want the best for your little wonder, which means choosing safe, sustainable toys. It's terrific to get hand-me-downs and secondhand toys, but we'll discuss that more in a minute. New or old, you have to watch out for harmful materials. Plastic is always potentially harmful. With older toys, you have to worry about lead and other adverse substances.

Wooden toys and cloth toys are best, but in both cases, you want playthings that are both ethical and sustainable. The good news is that ethical manufacturers and stores abound and are within reach. At Hatched Boutique, for instance, we pride ourselves on our eco-friendly standards. Go secondhand when you can, and research before you buy something new.

Natural Textiles for Baby and for Mom

Collecting fabrics and textiles made of natural materials is a worthwhile new year goal. That applies to everything from clothing, towels, and washcloths to baby blankets and diapers. Muslin cotton, linen, and similar textiles are top-notch. Once more, it pays to check to make sure you're buying from brands and shops that embrace an environmentally friendly philosophy and sustainable practices.

Try Your Hand at Secondhanding

a woman browses in a secondhand shop

Eco-friendly moms know the well-kept secret of antique shops and secondhand stores. Buying second hand cuts into the carbon footprint of manufacturing. Why buy new when you can find a gently used item at a fraction of the price? Whatever treasures you find—blankets, clothing, toys—you can always wash and disinfect them to your standards after bringing them home.

Do Better with Your Bath and Beauty Must-Haves

You don't want to use anything unnatural or laden with chemicals on your baby's delicate skin. You need to be just as careful with your own skin. All-natural beauty and skincare products are healthier, a fact that applies to both people and the environment.

Make it a new year goal to try out new products filled with natural, sustainable ingredients. Avoid anything with sulfates and phthalates, especially for your baby. Natural shampoo and body wash for babies are seeing a boom. From lotions to moisturizing potions, everything has an eco-friendly alternative.

Choose Multipurpose Products

Multitaskers need multipurpose products, and who multitasks more than eco-friendly moms? You're the goddess of repurposing, so why not take the next step? A multifunctional product saves time, money, and energy, making it a win for you and the environment. Whether you're buying a lip balm that doubles as a cheek stain or a towel so large and soft that it can do double-duty as a blanket, take advantage of anything that serves more than one purpose.

Go Back to the Old-Fashioned Methods

drying clothes hang from a clothesline

This won't apply to all areas of your life, but opting for the older methods can be a new year goal for many things. To begin with, once the weather allows, you can try hanging your laundry outside to dry instead of using the dryer. There's nothing like the smell of blankets, clothes, and towels that have been out in the breezy sunshine.

Begin the new year trying your hand at DIY methods, as well. For example, you can easily make your own household cleaning products with items that you already have in your home. That's safer for the baby, not to mention any pets, and it's unequivocally better for the environment.

From there, the DIY world is your oyster. Along with using your cloth diapers, you can make your own baby food once the little one is old enough for purees and solids. Buying locally and visiting seasonal farmers' markets will help with that. Alternatively, you can look into organic baby food from ethical sources.

Let us help you reach some of your new year goals. We take pride in our work to improve the environment, and we know you do, too. What are some of your eco-friendly resolutions?

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Season of Giving & Thanks: Baby Brands That Give Back, All Year Long

By Mersiha Nuhanovic
on October 09, 2019

At Hatched Boutique, like many of our loyal customers, we have values we want to instill in our children. Since gratitude and giving back are foremost among them, we’ve made it a priority to regularly feature organic baby clothes brands that give back.

Children in pumpkin patch

Raising a grateful child begins early. Your child mimics what he or she sees before ever knowing what it means. It's essential for your kiddo to see you show gratitude in action. Start by setting an example, and buy products you can feel good about. You’ll be surprised what an impact it can make on their little minds and hearts. Following are some of the brands we’re proud to partner with, and why we feel they personify the term “giving back.”

Buy One, Give One

Child with Feeding America sign

One of our favorite brands that give back, is Bella Tunno. The company has strong roots in charity, having been established in 2005 as a business that would always give back to the community. Their darling silicon Wonder Bibs, durable dishes, and colorful toys are wildly popular. Better still, with every single purchase, one meal is provided to a child in need. The Buy 1, Give 1 initiative is one of the most impressive efforts we’ve seen to combat childhood hunger.

15 years later, the tradition of gratitude and giving back continues strong. Bella Tunno has partnered with Second Harvest Food Bank and Feeding America to operate an ongoing food pantry in Charlotte, NC. The pantry helps provide healthy staples for families in need. That’s not the only cause they’ve been behind, either. Bella Tunno has a rich tradition of partnering with exceptionally worthy charities and foundations, year after year. Buying an adorable dish, toy, or bib for your little one never felt so good!

Swaddled in Love

If you’re a mother, the mission behind aden + anais’ Swaddle Love Foundation will tug at your heartstrings. CEO and co-founder Raegan Moya-Jones found herself in Tanzania, navigating the adoption process there. What she learned at the orphanages led to the formation of the Swaddle Love Foundation. Through sales of their iconic easy swaddles, this remarkable initiative aims to provide orphaned babies in Tanzania with the most organic in human connections, and one babies desperately need – touch. A percentage of the company’s revenue from their famed easy swaddles and blankets goes straight to orphanages in Tanzania, providing more human, and humane, conditions for these little ones.

babies with aden + anais blankets

The company has also contributed to Hayden’s Heart, a CHD awareness foundation. Hayden Dorsett was a little boy who had passed away from a congenital heart defect. During his illness, he’d loved and found comfort in his aden + anais blankets. Moved by hearing of Hayden, aden + anais designed a line of 100% cotton muslin swaddles with tender prints in Hayden’s honor. A portion of the proceeds went directly to the Hayden’s Heart foundation. So you know when you wrap your baby in an aden + anais easy swaddle or blanket, you are wrapping them, and others, in worlds of love.

Fair Wage for Fair Work

Hatched Boutique doesn’t just carry brands that give back. We’ve made it a primary goal to carry organic baby clothes brands that are committed to sustainability--not simply in their materials used, but also in their business models. Many of our brands have displayed a commitment to fair trade.

But what we’re most proud of, is the fact that many of our products are made and created by mothers in developing countries--all of whom receive fair wages for their labor.

Since it’s the season of gratitude, we hoped you’d enjoy learning about our unique, often philanthropic brands. All of them provide an easy way to fulfill your baby’s needs with natural, sustainable products, and give back at the same time. What are your favorite responsible organic baby gift brands?

5 Reasons Organic Baby Food Is Beneficial to Your Little One

By Mersiha Nuhanovic
on October 02, 2019

little girl holds a spoon in her mouth

No question about it: organic baby food is a healthy, safe, natural option for your little one. At Hatched Boutique, we have a commitment to bringing mothers and babies ethically sourced, earth-conscious products. We also understand the need to raise your baby in as pure and natural a way as possible. We believe in organic baby clothes and all-natural products and organic ingredients--not just for baby but for mom, as well. That's why we offer skincare products and cosmetics that feature organic ingredients. That's also why we want to introduce you to the benefits of organic food. Once you know the benefits, you may want to make a switch for the whole family, not just your little one.

What You See Is What You Get

child peers through a yellow toy

Organic baby food is a healthier option for your little love because of all the things that aren't in it. That's why Hatched Boutique strives to bring all-natural, organic baby gifts and products to mom and baby. You don't need anything extra, and neither does your baby.

Organic foods are free of antibiotics typically found in processed foods like poultry, fish, or meat. Baby food made from organic ingredients doesn't contain additional hormones, either, so everything going into your baby is simply cleaner and more natural.

You don't usually need to worry about the inclusion of allergens, either. Always read the packaging, but organic food manufacturers limit ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. For example, you probably won't find milk, soy, or tree nuts in your baby's organic goodies.

That holds true for artificial colors, as well. Organic food simply doesn’t have the colors that are used to boost many commercially packaged foods. The fruits and vegetables used in organic food are non-GMO, so if GMO’s are a concern, sticking with organic foods is a safe bet.

Healthy Food Equals a Healthy Life

child reaching for strawberries on the counter

The many benefits of organic food can positively impact your baby’s health throughout his or her entire life. Some studies suggest that a healthy diet free of pesticides, hormones, and other synthetic ingredients can boost your child’s immunity against a number of potential issues later in life. An organic diet gives your growing child the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients he or she needs to thrive, and can strengthen the immune system. It’s even been suggested that toddlers who eat organic diets experience asthma and eczema less often. Combine natural foods with organic baby clothes, and in some cases, you can nearly eliminate the possibility of irritating allergens simply by using organic products.

No Pesticides Permitted

One of the biggest benefits of organic baby food is that it doesn't contain any pesticides, ever. Your child gets to eat all-natural whole foods. When shopping, pay attention to the labels--organic foods are becoming more and more accessible on a daily basis. If you’re making the leap, make sure you're buying certified organic. You can even grow your own vegetables and make your own food for your child, if you want to start teaching them early on the value of an organic diet.

Ensuring a Better Future

The benefits of organic food extend to the environment. Most organic manufacturers have even ditched controversial BPA packaging. Even the growing of organic fruits, meats, and vegetables is good for the environment--organic foods are grown as naturally and safely as possible, so you can be sure they’re a pure, wholesome option, all the way around.

The Taste Factor

young child eating baby food

You might argue that this point is subjective, but organic baby food tastes better. How could it not? All-natural food always tastes better. Not only do traditional baby foods contain artificial dyes to alter their color, but they can also contain artificial flavors, along with preservatives--that’s bound to alter taste. Your baby should be able to taste the natural sweetness of carrots, squash, and apricots. You're helping to develop your baby's palate. Make sure you feed him or her the freshest and most natural forms of food.

Now that you know the benefits of organic baby food and other organic products, are you ready to make the switch? Explore Hatched Boutique's all-natural selections today.

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By Mersiha Nuhanovic
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Cloth Diapers: 5 Reasons to Consider Switching

Are you curious about cloth diapers, but perhaps hesitant to take the plunge? We get it. They may, at first glance, seem more complicated, messier, more costly, and more of a hassle than traditional disposables. However, we’re happy to report that there are many benefits of cloth diapers for both babies and parents, and that cloth diapers have come a long way when it comes to design and durability over the past few years. Explore some of your options for your baby’s diaper needs and learn all about the case for cloth on the Hatched Boutique blog.

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Raising Baby Organically, On A Budget: Our Quick Guide

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As a parent, you’re always looking to do everything you can to make sure your baby is happy, healthy, and safe. Perhaps your family already has an organic lifestyle, or maybe now that you’ve had a little one you’re looking for ways to transition into a more organic way of life. The good news is, parents and families have so many resources and options when it comes to living organically, eating organic on a budget, and finding all-natural products than ever before. Read our top tips for raising baby organically without emptying your wallet on the Hatched Boutique blog.

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The Great Wide Open: Spectacular Outdoor Photo Shoots For Baby

By Mersiha Nuhanovic
on September 02, 2019

outdoor photoshoot ideas

If you’re raising a baby, these outdoor photoshoot ideas are a lovely way to commemorate this special and fleeting time in your child’s life. Whether you’re the type of family to hit the hiking trails every weekend with your little one or simply enjoy relaxing together in the sunshine on a nice day, you’re sure to love these suggestions for taking great kids outdoor photos that you’ll treasure forever. Read up on our top photoshoot tips on the Hatched Boutique blog.

Share Your Favorite Place with Baby

special spot

If you and your partner have a special spot—the park where you walked on your first date, the secluded beach where you got engaged—it can be particularly lovely to revisit it with your baby in tow for some doubly-meaningful kids outdoor photos. When it comes to outdoor photoshoot ideas, this is a sweet way to get the whole family involved and add lots of personal meaning to your images. And like many parents, you probably find yourself outside of the frame more often than not, but this could be a great chance to get at least a few images of all of you together.

Capturing Your Baby In Their Element

While we definitely love the use of props for baby photos, it can also be very sweet to capture your baby among the things they use and love every day and that you and baby already have a deep connection with. For newborns and younger babies, you’ll want plenty of their cutest blankets to swaddle them with, along with blankets that will serve as a background for many of your images—a Milestone blanket and card set can be a great choice that allows you to document each phase of your little one’s life. You may also consider gathering a few of their favorite toys to use in the pictures—and to keep them busy and entertained in between snaps.

Surround Baby with Blooms

Take your cues from the natural world when it comes to your outdoor photoshoot ideas: a few well-placed flowers or plants will go a long way in adding a sense of abundance and beauty to your images. You can work with synthetic flowers or fresh cut flowers, depending on your preferences, and choose containers for them that echo the overall look you are trying to achieve. Zinc buckets are great for a vintage-styled photoshoot vibe, while wicker baskets feel homey, rustic, and sweet. If you’d like, you can even make your own infant-sized flower crown for your little one to wear, give them a single flower to hold, or tuck a tiny blossom into one of their buttonholes.

Bring The Indoors Outside

Any outdoor space can be quickly converted into an amazing place for a photoshoot with the right background materials—even a cozy patch of your backyard will feel idyllic with the right outdoor photoshoot ideas and backdrops. We love the idea of setting up a sweet teepee or canopy for your little one to cozy up to outside, or bring a little bit of the indoors outdoors: a charming ottoman, chair, or even some soft pillows arranged to the right effect will create a super comfy, dreamy space for your kids outdoor photos and add a refined look to your final images.

capturing your child’s sense of joy

Taking Advantage of the Season

What matters most when it comes to kids outdoor photos isn’t waiting for the perfect weather, but capturing your child’s sense of joy and wonder at the world around them. The best outdoor photoshoot ideas can happen during any season, especially if you have the right clothing and props to make the most of things. This could mean stocking up on sweet sweaters for boys and girls during the fall and surrounding baby with plenty of pumpkins and gourds, or cute bathing suits, sunglasses, and bright balloons for summertime photo sessions. Use the weather and season as an invitation to see the world through your child’s eyes, and you’ll be sure to feel your creativity start to flow.

Meet Hatched Boutique

Whether you’re getting snap-happy with kids outdoor photoshoot ideas or simply looking for well-made, beautifully designed organic apparel and goods for your baby or toddler, we can help you find exactly what you need. Shop all of the leading natural, organic brands for babies and kids at Hatched Boutique, where we guarantee quality and all orders ship for free.

Indoor Herb Garden: Teach Your Child To Love Gardening Early On

By Mersiha Nuhanovic
on August 29, 2019

Indoor Herb Garden: Teach Your Child To Love Gardening Early On

Seeking new ways to engage with your busy toddler? Creating a toddler garden is not only a fun activity to occupy your little one over the course of an afternoon, but both parents and kids alike will find joy in selecting and caring for their new plants, which are bound to be a beautiful addition to any home.

Whether you and your little one are city dwellers or have plenty of space to roam and play outside, creating an herb garden together has a host of benefits, including helping you bond, teaching your little one about gardening and nature, and increasing their awareness of concepts like responsibility. Learn how to create a beautiful window herb garden with these pointers from the Hatched Boutique blog.

Select the Perfect Location

Herbs grow well in indoor places that receive lots of natural light—aim for a place for your toddler garden that gets between 6 and 8 hours of strong natural sunlight, if possible. Keep in mind that the optimal temperature for most herb gardens is between 60 and 70 degrees fahrenheit (which should be easy to achieve without a second thought in most homes.) While you’re seeking out the best spot, this is a chance to talk to your child about how plants need sunlight in order to grow—their very first lesson in caring for their new plants! Ask for their help in choosing a sunny place, so that you’re getting them involved from the very beginning.

Pick Your Plants and Plant Receptacles

This is another chance to involve your little one in creating the look and style of their toddler garden! You can take a trip to your local nursery together to select pots and plants, begin with seeds, or visit a nearby farmers market, which often sells interesting herb varieties at inexpensive prices. You can recycle containers in your household to add in a little lesson on reusing what you have on hand (just make sure you can add holes to allow for proper drainage) or opt for planters with a chalkboard surface that allows you to write each plant’s name on the front—another great learning opportunity for your tot!

Pot Your Herbs

Choose the right potting mixture for your herbs to give them the best possible foundation and get your herb garden off to the right start. Your toddler will likely love the chance to get a little messy, so spread out some newspaper and get down on the floor to show them how to carefully fill your receptacles with potting mix and explain to them along the way about how plants are structured to soak up everything they need through their roots. Learning the anatomy of plants and some basic science behind how plants “eat” and grow will help your toddler feel more involved in creating their little window herb garden.

Get on A Good Watering Schedule

Herbs thrive with regular watering, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to give your toddler garden a daily dousing. Instead, you and your toddler can feel the top layer of soil with the tips of your fingers and assess the dryness level: the potting mix should feel slightly moist, but not mushy. If it’s on the dry, crumbly side, it’s time to water your herbs. A little water goes a long way, so be sure to tell your little one that you need to be careful and patient when watering those plants: another way to teach them responsibility and instruct them on the delicate nature of other living things.

Invite Your Toddler to Taste and Smell

A final way to enjoy your toddler garden: explain to your little one about how plants grow foods that make us strong and healthy, or in this case, add flavor to the things we eat. If they don’t like the taste of any of the herbs from your window herb garden, you can still encourage them to interact with the plants and get to know the differences between herb varieties by inviting them to touch and smell each herb as you use it to season your food.

Help Your Little Ones Learn with Hatched Boutique

From clothes for girls and boys that they can roam and play in, to toys and books that help with their development and sense of imagination, Hatched Boutique offers a thoughtfully selection inventory of beautifully made items for children and moms. Explore more fun ideas for bonding with and entertaining your toddlers and babies on our blog today, and follow us on Instagram to get updates on sales, promotions, and new items as they arrive.