little girl picking sunflowers

Toddler outdoor activities are ideal for keeping your little one entertained and occupied. To keep him or her engaged, you need to think of unique things to do. Hatched Boutique has a can’t-miss selection of fun activities that run the gamut. Make sure you stock up on play clothes and outerwear for toddlers first!

Grow a Little Garden

Growing a little garden is a fun toddler outdoor activity that will teach your little one valuable lessons about agriculture and science. It doesn’t take much to start a little container garden. Ask your toddler which vegetables he or she would like to grow. Teach the importance of regular watering and working the soil, then enjoy the harvest together!

Blow Bubbles

Little kids love blowing bubbles, and it’s an activity that they can enjoy all year long. You can either buy bubble solution or make it at home with your kiddo. Dress him or her in outerwear for toddlers, head out to the backyard, and create a wonderland of bubbles.

Go on Safari

little boy with binoculars

Do you know how many animals are hiding out in your backyard? More than you think, for sure! Armed with a pair of binoculars and outerwear for toddlers that’s fit for a safari, let your little one explore the yard. Ask him or her how many different animals and insects are back there. Even if there are only birds, chipmunks, and squirrels, your toddler will have fun finding them.

Observe and Report

Another educational but fun outdoor activity for toddlers is research. There are so many leaves, flowers, and bugs outside, not to mention all the animals. Set a task that allows your toddler to observe a variety of flora and fauna, then have him or her report back to you! Your child will love sharing what he or she has learned.

Play Pretend

A game of pretend is a creative activity. Give your child a pie tin, a cardboard box, or a broomstick. Anything will do as a prop. The point is to encourage your little one’s imagination to roam free and wild.

Bring Out the Watercolors

Watercolors are totally kid-friendly. Dress your child in outerwear for toddlers that can withstand the paint and water. Maybe a raincoat will do! Give him or her some paper, brushes, and cups of water. He or she can paint scenes in the yard.

Camp Out in the Backyard

Why not have a campout in the backyard? All your toddler needs is a sheet, even if you drape it over some lawn chairs. He or she can spend the entire day back there. Make some s’mores for a snack to enhance the mood.

Play in the Mud

little boy playing in a puddle

Some outdoor activities for toddlers are messy but enjoyable. After a rainy day, dress your toddler in old play clothes and send him or her outside to play in the mud. There’s nothing like an afternoon of making mud pies!

Plan a Picnic

Invite some friends to play for the day. Your toddler can have a proper picnic. You’ll be in charge of making food, but you can ask your little one what should be on the menu—within reason, of course.

Storytime Outside

Looking for toddler outdoor activities that you can enjoy together? Reading together is perfect. Take a storybook or two out back and spend the afternoon reading together.

These are a few of our favorite outdoor activities for toddlers. What are yours?