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No question about it: organic baby food is a healthy, safe, natural option for your little one. At Hatched Boutique, we have a commitment to bringing mothers and babies ethically sourced, earth-conscious products. We also understand the need to raise your baby in as pure and natural a way as possible. We believe in organic baby clothes and all-natural products and organic ingredients--not just for baby but for mom, as well. That's why we offer skincare products and cosmetics that feature organic ingredients. That's also why we want to introduce you to the benefits of organic food. Once you know the benefits, you may want to make a switch for the whole family, not just your little one.

What You See Is What You Get

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Organic baby food is a healthier option for your little love because of all the things that aren't in it. That's why Hatched Boutique strives to bring all-natural, organic baby gifts and products to mom and baby. You don't need anything extra, and neither does your baby.

Organic foods are free of antibiotics typically found in processed foods like poultry, fish, or meat. Baby food made from organic ingredients doesn't contain additional hormones, either, so everything going into your baby is simply cleaner and more natural.

You don't usually need to worry about the inclusion of allergens, either. Always read the packaging, but organic food manufacturers limit ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. For example, you probably won't find milk, soy, or tree nuts in your baby's organic goodies.

That holds true for artificial colors, as well. Organic food simply doesn’t have the colors that are used to boost many commercially packaged foods. The fruits and vegetables used in organic food are non-GMO, so if GMO’s are a concern, sticking with organic foods is a safe bet.

Healthy Food Equals a Healthy Life

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The many benefits of organic food can positively impact your baby’s health throughout his or her entire life. Some studies suggest that a healthy diet free of pesticides, hormones, and other synthetic ingredients can boost your child’s immunity against a number of potential issues later in life. An organic diet gives your growing child the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients he or she needs to thrive, and can strengthen the immune system. It’s even been suggested that toddlers who eat organic diets experience asthma and eczema less often. Combine natural foods with organic baby clothes, and in some cases, you can nearly eliminate the possibility of irritating allergens simply by using organic products.

No Pesticides Permitted

One of the biggest benefits of organic baby food is that it doesn't contain any pesticides, ever. Your child gets to eat all-natural whole foods. When shopping, pay attention to the labels--organic foods are becoming more and more accessible on a daily basis. If you’re making the leap, make sure you're buying certified organic. You can even grow your own vegetables and make your own food for your child, if you want to start teaching them early on the value of an organic diet.

Ensuring a Better Future

The benefits of organic food extend to the environment. Most organic manufacturers have even ditched controversial BPA packaging. Even the growing of organic fruits, meats, and vegetables is good for the environment--organic foods are grown as naturally and safely as possible, so you can be sure they’re a pure, wholesome option, all the way around.

The Taste Factor

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You might argue that this point is subjective, but organic baby food tastes better. How could it not? All-natural food always tastes better. Not only do traditional baby foods contain artificial dyes to alter their color, but they can also contain artificial flavors, along with preservatives--that’s bound to alter taste. Your baby should be able to taste the natural sweetness of carrots, squash, and apricots. You're helping to develop your baby's palate. Make sure you feed him or her the freshest and most natural forms of food.

Now that you know the benefits of organic baby food and other organic products, are you ready to make the switch? Explore Hatched Boutique's all-natural selections today.