mom nursing with a pink and white floral nursing scarf

Having to carry a full baby bag for that precious little one can be tough when it’s packed with diapers, formula, snacks, and so much more. Don’t add extra weight to it when you don’t have to! With our multi-use car seat covers, you get more for less all in one cute package. Protect infants from UV rays, bugs, and germs in and out of the car when you explore the variety of patterns and fabrics available at Hatched Boutique. Learn more about the different ways you can use this baby carrier cover here!

1. Car Seat Cover

The first use for your cover is as a car seat cover. Whether you’re driving through the sunniest part of the day or you want to create a soothing environment for your little one with darkness and shade, it’s easy to slip this tube over the car seat and let the high quality fabric do the rest. Perfect for all seasons and easy to use, slipping this on and off your car seat quickly means transitioning to a different position is a breeze!

2. Nursing Shield

Some women feel more shy than others when they need to breastfeed in public, so our baby carrier cover and nursing scarf is the perfect accessory. Just like you would slip this fabric over your car seat, you can pull it over your shoulders to cover you from hips to neck. Settle the baby inside and create complete privacy throughout their meal. Our covers are large enough to ensure comfort for all body types and infant sizes and they come in so many pretty colors that you can wear it as a makeshift infinity scarf until you can put it back in the car or over your stroller.

3. Sling

Sometimes, mommy arms need a break from carrying their baby. Our baby carrier covers can also be used as makeshift slings to give moms a chance to rest. The cover is shaped like a long tube that you can easily turn into a sling by following these easy steps

  1. Pull the cover over your head and take one arm out.
  2. The cover should be resting over one shoulder and under the other arm.
  3. Tuck the infant into the cover against your chest on the side where the sling is under your arm.
  4. Make sure the child’s rear is cupped by the cover, but that their legs are hanging out.
  5. You can pull the cover up to cradle their head for more support.

Since this cover is meant for a number of different uses, you might feel like it’s a little loose as a sling. That’s OK! You can create a tighter fit with a loop knot.

4. Stroller Canopy

mom walking with a stroller and light blue baby carrier cover

You don’t want your infant to be out and about without protection while you’re strolling in the park or out for a run. Keep them protected with our high-quality, UV-rated fabric! Our baby carrier cover is great for all types of strollers and can be used in warm or hot weather. Protection from the sun, wind, bugs, cold, and other elements is a guarantee when you choose the cover from Hatched Boutique!

5. High Chair Cover

If you’re worried about germs or general cleanliness when taking your little one on errands, the baby carrier cover from our store is a convenient solution. Use it on high chairs, shopping carts, and more to keep infants safe and comfortable.

Shopping with Hatched Boutique

At Hatched Boutique, we’re all about providing durable, top quality products that deliver long-term protection and convenience. Our baby carrier covers and nursing scarves in particular, offer you 100% organic cotton fabric that’s flexible and strong. Shop our selection today to find unique prints and patterns for yourself or the new mom in your life!