Erbaviva belly butter

Certain products, such as pregnancy stretch mark creams and belly butters, are must-haves to get you through your pregnancy. Others, including labor gowns and nursing balms, are necessary during and after birth. You're nurturing a life inside of you, which means that you need to nurture yourself, too. In addition to eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of water, and maintaining a level of daily activity, you also need to treat yourself to products that nourish your body and items that increase your comfort. Hatched Boutique has a list of the most perfect pregnancy products for you, and you can find all of them right in our shop.

Something for Those Stretch Marks

Erbaviva stretch mark cream

As your belly grows to accommodate your little peanut, your skin stretches. That, of course, leads to stretch marks. Every mark is a tiger stripe, but we know that not every woman wants to show off her stripes. That's why we offer an all-natural, top of the line pregnancy stretch mark cream. You'll love rubbing it on your belly, and not just because it will moisturize your skin. However, that's essential for diminishing the appearance of stretch marks.

Organic essential oils and other natural ingredients soften and soothe your skin, too. Count on the cocoa butter to reduce your stretch marks. Carrot seeds and sea buckthorn will nurture your growing baby bump, too. It's worthwhile to add this to your skincare routine.

Products that Pamper Your Belly

There are other ways to nurture your bump, as well. You deserve items that will accommodate your belly. That goes for comfy maternity clothes, labor gowns, and nursing covers as well as must-have bath and body products. Using a belly butter will not only pamper your belly but will also protect it by nourishing the skin and keeping it hydrated. Don't let the name fool you, though. You can apply our organic belly butter to your breasts, hips, and thighs, too, not just your belly.

A Little Help with Nursing

Erbaviva nursing balm

In addition to pregnancy stretch mark creams and body butters that you can use during pregnancy, there are also products that you need after giving birth. If you choose to breastfeed, then you will definitely need a little help. Your breasts can get sore, not to mention that the skin on and around your nipples can become cracked and dry. That hurts, too! A nursing balm is exactly what you need to heal your skin and keep it moisturized. However, you only want to use organic, all-natural products that are safe for you and your baby.

Items for the Big Day

blue and white labor gown

All of those creams and lotions come in handy during your pregnancy and after you have the baby, but what about the birth itself? Ensure that you feel comfortable by bringing a labor gown of your own to the hospital or birthing center. Bring a few gowns so that you can freshen up with your own clothes. Pack comfy socks and any sentimental items, as well as some swaddles for your baby and a precious first outfit.

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