Bohemian Bliss: Developing Your Little One’s Budding Style Sense

Is there anything sweeter than a little one dressed with a sense of adventurous style? We think not. Free-spirited fun, and whimsical, the boho look is a perfect approach to dressing your little one, whether they’re a newborn or a toddler on the go.

Looking to achieve your own boho bliss and help your tiny tot develop their sense of personal style? We’ve got you covered. From bohemian baby clothing to the most adorable (and enviably chic) boho baby girl outfits, we’ve got the lowdown on the latest looks for stylish little ones on the Hatched Boutique blog.

Ruffled Boho Looks for Girls

True bohemian style is all about simplicity and adding the right embellishments when and where it counts. A little bit of ruffle detailing goes a long way with these boho looks, which are sweet and carefree, but also simple and restrained: perfect for growing babies and toddlers on the move. In terms of bohemian baby clothing, add a little personality to her next outfit with a sweet ruffled bodysuit, or deck her out in a ruffle-trimmed dress that taps into romance and sweetness of the best bohemian-influenced styles.

Chic Shoes for Little Feet

Dress them in shoes that promote a sense of exploration and adventure! When it comes to bohemian baby clothing, don’t skimp on the details. Your little one will look like a style icon in these comfy, classic shoes that are crafted to last (with hidden velcro for extra security and easy removal!) Even if they’re not yet standing on their own, they’re sure to look chic beyond their years with simple, well-made shoes that go with any of her boho baby girl outfits.

Cool Dresses

Get her dresses that let her run and play with ease, while still looking cute enough for a special occasion. Seek out dress options with features that both moms and kids appreciate, such as sweet pleats that flounce when she moves, breathable fabric, and super cool colors and designs. You’ll find yourself wishing that these boho baby girl outfits were offered in adult sizes!

Unique Patterns

Boho baby girl outfits are all about cool color combinations and unexpected patterns that are both joyful and sophisticated. For the boho-chic baby, we adore one-pieces that can be worn as PJs, are easy for hanging around the house, and are cute enough for those mid-afternoon errands. Prints that are engaging but not too busy are the name of the game here, and intelligent features and details will help make life easier for both Mom and her little ones: well-placed snaps and zippers make those diaper changes a breeze, and padded feet help your toddler gain traction as they explore and play.

Bohemian Baby Gowns

Start them off on a stylish foot right away with baby gowns that draw inspiration from the best of bohemian style. Gowns make great bohemian baby clothing for both boys and girls, and will be a lifesaver in those early days and weeks when bleary-eyed parents find themselves stumbling to the nursery for yet another diaper change. Cool patterns will look great in all of those newborn photos you’ll be taking, and lush, soft fabrics will feel divine on baby’s tender, sensitive skin.


Top it Off with The Right Accessories

Any kid can achieve a boho-chic wardrobe with a few of the right accessories. For bohemian baby clothing, we love a sweet hat in a quirky print or pretty floral. When they’re teeny tiny, even a swaddle in a cool pattern can be an amazing accessory, so consider stocking up on a few swaddle blankets in hues you adore. For older children, a well-placed headband or bow is a fun way to embellish their outfit with a little bit of bohemian detailing, while little girls and guys alike will have fun donning a cool pair of sunglasses (that also keep their developing eyes shielded from the sun’s harmful rays.)

Go Organic

The bohemian style is all about taking inspiration from what’s natural, free-spirited, and what makes us feel good inside and out. It’s never too soon for your little one to start experiencing the joys of clothing that is both kind on our skin and bodies and kind to nature. In true bohemian ethos, consider shopping for organic fabrics that won’t irritate your little one’s sensitive skin and that will promote a responsible, sustainable lifestyle. At Hatched Boutique, we are committed to natural, sustainably derived items and boho baby girl outfits that have been crafted from organic materials for clothing and accessories that are both stylish and kind.

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