a baby in a one-piece baby outfit

From one-piece baby outfits to plenty of books, there are a few things you need to help your darling bundle settle into this new world. Establishing a routine depends on ensuring that your baby is comfortable, happy, and safe. The little things can do that, such as organic cotton crib sheets and soothing bath products. Hatched Boutique shares just what you need to get your little one all settled in and secure, whether you’re staying ‘safe at home’ or simply starting a new life.

Stock Up on Cozy Baby Outfits

To get your precious baby settled into his or her nursery, stock up on one-piece baby outfits. Onesies and one-piece pajamas are just what your baby needs to feel cozy and secure. They're versatile, too, especially in those early months. Your little one can wear them practically anywhere, including nap times, play time, and bedtime. However, a onesie is also ideal when you take the baby out to visit family members and close friends. He or she will look adorable and feel comfortable and at ease.

Fill your little bundle's closets and drawers with a variety of one-piece outfits. Find short sleeve singlets that are breezy and cool. Your baby will need lightweight pieces in warmer weather. Don't forget about footie pajamas, either. Every baby looks adorable in footies.

Create a Peaceful Crib Space

organic cotton crib sheets

You no doubt put time and thought into creating a dreamy nursery. We're certain that you put just as much effort into choosing and dressing the crib. Once you see how your baby sleeps, you'll have a better idea of what he or she needs for a restful night.

Your baby doesn't need a bunch of heavy blankets. Lightweight, high-quality items are best. Cover the mattress in an organic cotton crib sheet. Organic cotton is soft, breathable, and perfect for delicate skin. It's all-natural and sourced using sustainable methods. That's exactly what you want for this new little life. A top sheet and matching bedding offer the finishing touches. For a blanket, a lightweight quilt will get the job done, or a knitted baby blanket.

Try a Sweet Swaddle

baby in a striped swaddle

It's possible that your darling craves a tighter, more secure hold in order to settle down and get sleepy. In that case, a swaddle is your best friend—and your baby's, too. Swaddling is a time-tested remedy for calming and soothing babies. That can be helpful as the two of you get familiar with your new routines. Remember, your baby is learning as he or she goes. All of this is fresh and unfamiliar, even going to sleep!

There are all sorts of ways that you can swaddle your bundle of joy. Traditional swaddles serve their purpose quite well, naturally enough. They wrap your baby tightly, creating a sense of security. You can always try swaddling with his or her favorite blanket, as well. After dressing your tiny tot in a one-piece baby outfit, experiment with different swaddling methods and wrap configurations to figure out which one works best.

Schedule Some Cuddle Time

open pages of a baby book

Babies love to cuddle! Setting aside some designated cuddling time can help your baby to settle in and become accustomed to these brand new surroundings. It will also give the two of you consistent time to bond, which is essential from day one. As your baby becomes familiar with this home routine, cuddling with you will become a known comfort.

While you hold your baby, he or she can snuggle a squishy stuffed toy. A beloved friend can make it easier to settle down, too. Another option is to read to your baby during cuddle time. That may help foster a love of reading in your little one, and what could be more valuable than that?

Bath Time with Baby

It might help your baby to settle in if you schedule bath time right before bedtime. Bath time is giggly and fun, but the warm water will make your baby sleepy. So can the bath itself as long as you use bath and body products with calming scents and soothing ingredients.

Afterward, dry your baby in a big, snuggly towel. Think about looking for towels and washcloths that match your little one's organic cotton crib sheets. We even have towels that can double as blankets. Alternately, you can also stock up on hooded towels, which will dry off your baby all over while keeping him or her cozy and warm.

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