From Meri, With Love: Essential Tips & Tricks For First Time Moms

A list of tips for new moms is always helpful in the early days of motherhood. Meri has put together a thoughtful list of first-time mom must-haves to ensure that you survive the fourth trimester.

(Hatched Boutique Owner Meri Nuhanovic and Her Very Own Hatchlings)

No matter what, don't forget to breathe—and to cherish every moment, including dirty diapers and midnight feedings.

Get the Perfect Diaper Bag—and Keep It Stocked

the Boss Bag diaper bag in Metallic

One of Meri's top tips for new moms is to get a functional diaper bag that you absolutely love. She urges new moms to avoid diaper bags that resemble suitcases or tote bags because an overwhelming size can just cause more stress. Your diaper bag is about to be the best friend you never knew you needed, so you should enjoy carrying it.

How you prep your diaper bag is just as essential. For Meri, the bag is the Boss Bag, which you can snag right here at Hatched Boutique. To help with organization during those first frenzied months, she recommends that new moms pack up the diaper bag at night after putting the baby to bed. Replenish everything you used during the day, replacing diapers, wipes, and snacks. You can change out spare outfits, toys, and books, as well. The next morning, you and baby are ready for the day!

Practice Patience and Self-Care

Awaken Body Wash for moms from Erbaviva

Patience is definitely a first-time mom must-have, as is taking time for self-care. Both are easier said than done, however. As much as you love your new bundle, it's easy to lose it a little when he or she won't stop crying and you haven't slept for days.

Give the baby time to bond with your partner, his or her grandparents, or an auntie. Use that time for yourself, even if it's only an hour. Read a book. Go on a relaxing walk. Soak in a hot tub with exquisite Erbaviva bath products that make you feel like a new woman.

Start a Routine and Stick to It

the Serenity Star noise machine for babies

Starting a routine is a helpful tip for new moms. Sometimes, you need to listen to what your baby wants, especially in the early days. As quickly as possible, however, it helps to begin a routine. Your baby will adapt and you'll both be happier for it.

At first, it might consist of putting the baby down for a nap at the same time every day, or scheduling bath time, story time, and bedtime at the same time each night. You can check out our selection of Erbaviva bath and body products for your little one. Don't forget the lotion! Finish off your routine with a story, then turn on some white noise to soothe your angel to sleep.

Work Toward a Restful Sleep for Mom and Baby

a Jurassic-themed swaddler for babies

You need a restful night of sleep, as well. Sleep is, in fact, the ultimate first-time mom must-have. It's also one of the most elusive.

Everyone tells you to nap while the baby naps, but that can be difficult, particularly if your baby loves to be held. That's true of most babies, you know. They want to snuggle up to stay warm and cozy. A swaddle is the answer.

Swaddling your baby allows you to keep him or her close not only while you go about your daily chores, but also while you try to nap. You can sit in a chair with your baby strapped to you firmly and safely.

Napping can't always replace a full night's sleep, but it can tide you over until the baby starts sleeping longer at night. Swaddling also gives you the opportunity to sleep between nighttime feedings, which is essential in the beginning when they come every couple of hours.

Do Something for Yourself

champagne pop

Some of the best tips for new moms focus on mom herself. You need the attention. Pick one day a week to do something solely for yourself. Get a manicure, book a massage, or simply splurge on a new bottle of nail polish as a pick-me-up. Set aside a few moments to focus on your identity as a person, not just a mom.

Stock Up on Meri's Favorite Products

footie pajamas from L’ovedbaby

Meri has curated a list of first-time mom must-haves that will get both of you through babyhood. She loves the Copper Pearl brand for their swaddles and washcloths. Every new mom must have a nursing balm, too. Save time with a Lip & Cheek Duo that can brighten your cheeks and soften your lips. To keep your baby snuggled and warm, dress him or her in L'ovedbaby Footies.

Hatched Boutique can help you to incorporate all of Meri's tips for new moms into your life. You can find all of her top recommendations in our sensational selection!