Indoor Herb Garden: Teach Your Child To Love Gardening Early On

Seeking new ways to engage with your busy toddler? Creating a toddler garden is not only a fun activity to occupy your little one over the course of an afternoon, but both parents and kids alike will find joy in selecting and caring for their new plants, which are bound to be a beautiful addition to any home.

Whether you and your little one are city dwellers or have plenty of space to roam and play outside, creating an herb garden together has a host of benefits, including helping you bond, teaching your little one about gardening and nature, and increasing their awareness of concepts like responsibility. Learn how to create a beautiful window herb garden with these pointers from the Hatched Boutique blog.

Select the Perfect Location

Herbs grow well in indoor places that receive lots of natural light—aim for a place for your toddler garden that gets between 6 and 8 hours of strong natural sunlight, if possible. Keep in mind that the optimal temperature for most herb gardens is between 60 and 70 degrees fahrenheit (which should be easy to achieve without a second thought in most homes.) While you’re seeking out the best spot, this is a chance to talk to your child about how plants need sunlight in order to grow—their very first lesson in caring for their new plants! Ask for their help in choosing a sunny place, so that you’re getting them involved from the very beginning.

Pick Your Plants and Plant Receptacles

This is another chance to involve your little one in creating the look and style of their toddler garden! You can take a trip to your local nursery together to select pots and plants, begin with seeds, or visit a nearby farmers market, which often sells interesting herb varieties at inexpensive prices. You can recycle containers in your household to add in a little lesson on reusing what you have on hand (just make sure you can add holes to allow for proper drainage) or opt for planters with a chalkboard surface that allows you to write each plant’s name on the front—another great learning opportunity for your tot!

Pot Your Herbs

Choose the right potting mixture for your herbs to give them the best possible foundation and get your herb garden off to the right start. Your toddler will likely love the chance to get a little messy, so spread out some newspaper and get down on the floor to show them how to carefully fill your receptacles with potting mix and explain to them along the way about how plants are structured to soak up everything they need through their roots. Learning the anatomy of plants and some basic science behind how plants “eat” and grow will help your toddler feel more involved in creating their little window herb garden.

Get on A Good Watering Schedule

Herbs thrive with regular watering, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to give your toddler garden a daily dousing. Instead, you and your toddler can feel the top layer of soil with the tips of your fingers and assess the dryness level: the potting mix should feel slightly moist, but not mushy. If it’s on the dry, crumbly side, it’s time to water your herbs. A little water goes a long way, so be sure to tell your little one that you need to be careful and patient when watering those plants: another way to teach them responsibility and instruct them on the delicate nature of other living things.

Invite Your Toddler to Taste and Smell

A final way to enjoy your toddler garden: explain to your little one about how plants grow foods that make us strong and healthy, or in this case, add flavor to the things we eat. If they don’t like the taste of any of the herbs from your window herb garden, you can still encourage them to interact with the plants and get to know the differences between herb varieties by inviting them to touch and smell each herb as you use it to season your food.

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