Mother & Baby Lying Down

A mommy and me spa day gives you an opportunity to bond with your baby while engaging in some much-needed self-care. Hatched Boutique aims to take care of mom and baby both, so you can find a variety of organic skincare products and other spa-day must-haves in our line-up. Here's everything you need to create your own in-home spa.

Get the Towels Ready

Toddler Girl With Tub & Rubber Duckies

Spas have such warm towels, and they feel heavenly after a skincare treatment. You can get the same effect for your mommy and me spa day with your baby. You have a couple of options here. If there's a heating vent in the bathroom or close to it, then you can simply stack a few towels over the vent. Make sure the heat is on, of course. Your bath towels will be warm and toasty when the two of you are ready for them.

Another option is to simply toss your towels in the dryer directly prior to use. The timing can get a bit tricky. Ideally, you don't want to leave the cozy, steamy comfort of your in-home spa (aka the bathroom). However, you can't really dry the towels too far ahead of time or they'll lose all their warmth. Maybe you can sweet-talk your partner into bringing the towels fresh out of the dryer when you and baby are ready!

Remember to be mindful of baby's sensitive skin, though. Even young toddlers have delicate skin that needs protection. For your little spa partner, opt for a warm towel, not a hot one. Save the hot towels for mama.

Keep It Natural

Only the best will do for your mommy and me spa day. To pamper your skin, stick to all-natural lotions and potions. There are some beauty treatments that you can make yourself, such as rose water toner. Otherwise, keep an eye out for trustworthy brands that rely on organic ingredients. You want moisturizers with essential oils and botanical extracts. As for what products you need, go beyond facial creams and moisturizers—but make sure you have those on hand. Spoil yourself with a sugar scrub to exfoliate your body, or pick up a balm that promises to deal with stretch marks.

Since you're sharing this spa day with your little one, stock up on baby-safe bath and beauty products, as well. Wash that delicate skin with an all-natural body wash that's meant to soothe. Keep baby's skin soft and sweet with organic lotion. You can even find fragrant rubs and balms with ingredients like eucalyptus to open up those tiny sinuses and help baby breathe easy.

Warm Up Your Lotion

Warm lotion feels decadent as you rub it into your skin. It's effortless to achieve, too. Prepare a bowl full of hot water, then let the lotion bottle sit in it until you're ready for it. The act of warming the lotion makes it a breeze to apply, as well.

Shut the Door

Baby Smiling With Hooded Towel

You can't have a mommy and me spa day without a little steam! Fortunately, we have a DIY trick that will make you and your little darling feel like you're in a luxurious spa. Go into the bathroom, shut the door, and block the crack under it with a rolled-up towel. Next, turn on the shower. Run only the hot water. In no time at all, your bathroom will resemble a sauna.

What's the plan for your mommy and me spa day?