a red-and-white striped jumpsuit and hat

Meri is eager to share why she's wild about Elegant Baby clothes. Elegant Baby is one of the brands on offer at Hatched Boutique, and it's popular in a major way. The brand embraces a sustainable philosophy, and they also have an eye for sensational baby styles. From cotton baby jumpsuits to jeans and adorable knit hats, they have everything you need to dress your baby in unforgettable clothing. This installment of Meet Meri explains why she's a fan of the brand. By the end, we bet that you will be, too.

Sustainable Style

One of the primary reasons Meri loves Elegant Baby clothes is that the brand strives for sustainability. The company believes in being as socially responsible as possible, which is a philosophy that Meri herself embraces at Hatched Boutique. The store is all about offering organic, sustainable apparel and merchandise that uses ethically sourced materials and relies on ethical labor practices. Given that, it's not hard to understand why this is a match made in heaven.

A World of Firsts

jeans for a baby boy

Elegant Baby stands apart from other brands, as well. They create clothing that's practical but still stylish, which is all a mother wants for her precious babies. In addition to cotton baby jumpsuits in the cutest styles you've ever seen, you can browse through the “My First” collection, which parents adore.

As the name implies, the “My First” collection is all about firsts. Specifically, Elegant Baby offers tiny versions of clothing that's usually meant for big kids. For example, you can snag your baby boy's first pair of jeans so that he can look just like his big brother or his dad as he learns to crawl. For your little girl, pick up a “My First” tutu. All of her relatives will go wild over how cute she looks.

Homegrown Clothing

Not only are Elegant Baby clothes sustainable, but they're also homegrown. The brand was born in North Carolina, where the company still resides. It's always nice to know where your clothes are coming from, and it's even more important when you're buying baby clothes.

Affordable but On-Point

It doesn't matter what you buy from Elegant Baby. Neither the clothing nor the accessories will break your bank account. That applies whether you're pining after an adorable cotton baby jumpsuit or that first pair of jeans. That being said, you're also paying for quality, which is priceless. Your baby's clothing will withstand play dates and day-to-day wear and tear with ease. All the same, it's nice to know that you don't have to go into debt to dress your baby in the very best.

Gift Ideas for Days

a knitted hat that resembles a unicorn

Elegant Baby clothes make fantastic gifts, as well. Any mother or father will love opening a gift to discover a cute jumpsuit or a precious tutu. The brand goes beyond clothing, however. If you need a gift for a beloved baby, then you have your pick.

The brand's hats are top-sellers. Soft knits promise to protect baby's head and ears, which is crucial. What's better is that Elegant Baby happens to offer the most precious hats you've ever seen in your life. Give the gift of a unicorn hat with its own little horn, or opt for a soft, sweet llama.

With one quick peek at our line of Elegant Baby clothing, you can easily see why Meri is a fan of the brand, and why she offered it through Hatched Boutique. Sustainable and affordable? You can't beat that combination. See for yourself and let us know what you think of the brand. If you love it as much as we do, then remember that you can save 15% on your first order when you subscribe to our newsletter.