a smiling mom holds a baby

New year, new you, right? Tailor your new year goals to your earth-conscious life. You want the world to be a better, safer place for your baby. Change can start with the basics, and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time or energy. Become the eco-friendly mom of your friend group and stand as an example of living an authentically green life. Start off small if you need to—every step counts, and every improvement has an impact. From shopping at the local farmers' market to making the choice to use cloth diapers, you can transform into an environmentally conscious mom who sets an example for her children, too. Hatched Boutique is right there with you, and we have some unbeatable goals to share.

Reusable: New Year, New Concept

a baby wears a colorful cloth diaper

Adopting reusable products can easily be one of your leading new year goals. There are all sorts of things that you can swap out for reusable items. As it pertains to baby, you can make it a goal to try out cloth diapers. Reusing diapers decreases the amount of disposable waste. It may be more comfortable for your baby, as well. Save the disposables for outings and other occasions when cloth diapers aren't practical.

As for mom, consider ditching plastic water bottles. Look at all the reusable options available to you! Whether it's a hydro flask or a Yeti, choose something that works with your lifestyle. You'll save money, too, so it's a win for everyone, including Mother Earth.

Are you still having your groceries packed into plastic bags? Not only is it better for the environment to switch to reusable bags, but you also spend less money because it's harder to over-buy without the promise of infinite bags. Speaking of which, you won't have to deal with random balls of bags tucked away in your kitchen.

Make the Leap to All-Natural Toys

a baby on the floor surrounded by toys

Another goal for eco-friendly moms is to get the baby in on it, too. You want the best for your little wonder, which means choosing safe, sustainable toys. It's terrific to get hand-me-downs and secondhand toys, but we'll discuss that more in a minute. New or old, you have to watch out for harmful materials. Plastic is always potentially harmful. With older toys, you have to worry about lead and other adverse substances.

Wooden toys and cloth toys are best, but in both cases, you want playthings that are both ethical and sustainable. The good news is that ethical manufacturers and stores abound and are within reach. At Hatched Boutique, for instance, we pride ourselves on our eco-friendly standards. Go secondhand when you can, and research before you buy something new.

Natural Textiles for Baby and for Mom

Collecting fabrics and textiles made of natural materials is a worthwhile new year goal. That applies to everything from clothing, towels, and washcloths to baby blankets and diapers. Muslin cotton, linen, and similar textiles are top-notch. Once more, it pays to check to make sure you're buying from brands and shops that embrace an environmentally friendly philosophy and sustainable practices.

Try Your Hand at Secondhanding

a woman browses in a secondhand shop

Eco-friendly moms know the well-kept secret of antique shops and secondhand stores. Buying second hand cuts into the carbon footprint of manufacturing. Why buy new when you can find a gently used item at a fraction of the price? Whatever treasures you find—blankets, clothing, toys—you can always wash and disinfect them to your standards after bringing them home.

Do Better with Your Bath and Beauty Must-Haves

You don't want to use anything unnatural or laden with chemicals on your baby's delicate skin. You need to be just as careful with your own skin. All-natural beauty and skincare products are healthier, a fact that applies to both people and the environment.

Make it a new year goal to try out new products filled with natural, sustainable ingredients. Avoid anything with sulfates and phthalates, especially for your baby. Natural shampoo and body wash for babies are seeing a boom. From lotions to moisturizing potions, everything has an eco-friendly alternative.

Choose Multipurpose Products

Multitaskers need multipurpose products, and who multitasks more than eco-friendly moms? You're the goddess of repurposing, so why not take the next step? A multifunctional product saves time, money, and energy, making it a win for you and the environment. Whether you're buying a lip balm that doubles as a cheek stain or a towel so large and soft that it can do double-duty as a blanket, take advantage of anything that serves more than one purpose.

Go Back to the Old-Fashioned Methods

drying clothes hang from a clothesline

This won't apply to all areas of your life, but opting for the older methods can be a new year goal for many things. To begin with, once the weather allows, you can try hanging your laundry outside to dry instead of using the dryer. There's nothing like the smell of blankets, clothes, and towels that have been out in the breezy sunshine.

Begin the new year trying your hand at DIY methods, as well. For example, you can easily make your own household cleaning products with items that you already have in your home. That's safer for the baby, not to mention any pets, and it's unequivocally better for the environment.

From there, the DIY world is your oyster. Along with using your cloth diapers, you can make your own baby food once the little one is old enough for purees and solids. Buying locally and visiting seasonal farmers' markets will help with that. Alternatively, you can look into organic baby food from ethical sources.

Let us help you reach some of your new year goals. We take pride in our work to improve the environment, and we know you do, too. What are some of your eco-friendly resolutions?