Playtime: 7 Healthy iPad Alternatives For Your Child

Discover Apple Park toys and other non-toxic baby toys that will pull your little one's attention away from the tablet. Kids can learn so much on their iPads and other devices, but live playtime is always the best option. Every so often, you need to turn off the screen and get your kiddo engaged with something else. Hatched Boutique has a fun-filled list of ideas to try first.

A Big Old Cuddle Buddy

To successfully give your little one a technology break, you need something big to capture his or her attention. Your baby needs something larger-than-life to replace the catchy songs and colorful images on the tablet screen. Apple Park toys are intuitive that way, in that the brand knows exactly how to excite and tempt curious young minds.

The beloved brand has toys in a variety of sizes and styles, but for the purposes of this point, we're going to focus on Apple Park's sizable, sweet plushies. These squeezably soft toys might just be taller than your baby or toddler!

From gorgeously girly giraffes to mischievous Boxer dogs ready for an adventure, you'll find a stuffed animal that your little darling will love. With a toy like this, you're essentially introducing your baby to his or her new best friend. Best of all, you can feel good about it because you're giving the love of your life a safe, non-toxic toy. Everybody wins, especially your baby!

A Trip to the Park

You don't necessarily need to replace the iPad with a new toy. Experiences are fun for your baby or toddler, too. As a bonus, mom or dad has the opportunity to bond with the baby. If the weather is nice and it's safe to do so, pack up everything you need to head to the park for a little while.

There are so many things for the two of you to do there. Some parks have petting zoos, which is enjoyable for you and your kiddo. Playing on the playground is a good time, too. Don't forget to swing on the swings and fly down the slide!

However, you can spend a few quiet moments with your baby, too. The two of you can share a picnic or read a book. You can bring along your little one's favorite non-toxic baby toys, as well. Perhaps your tiny tot can nap and play while you listen to music, read a book, and enjoy the sunshine with your sunshine.

A Non-Toxic Teether

a non-toxic teething toy

Teething babies can frequently be cranky, but you can mitigate the pain with a fun, non-toxic toy that your little one will love. Unlike traditional plastic teethers, you can rest assured that Hatched Boutique's teething toys are all-natural and safe for your baby to gnaw all day long.

That's important to you as a parent. You don't want your growing baby to put anything harmful in his or her mouth. The good news is that, like our Apple Park toys, our selection of teething rings and toys are entirely safe.

We prefer to offer teething toys with a playful purpose. That way, your little one can have something comforting and soft to cuddle while dealing with gum pain and growing teeth. Our teethers combine silicone teething rings with wooden teething rings. You can remove the wood ring to wash it, or you can swap it for a pacifier. It just depends on what your little baby likes best.

A Playdate with a Pal

Playdates are fun for babies and their parents. Mom or dad can spend time with other adults, chatting about their little ones or about life in general, or they might have the opportunity to go enjoy a little me-time to themselves. No matter what, the baby gets to have fun with a friend—or a few of them!

It helps to have a group of grown-up friends to talk to and hang out with, especially if they have children around the same age as yours. You can develop mutually beneficial relationships where you can help each other. Your babies will be helping each other, too. They'll be growing and learning together! Make sure you bring along some activities, a few non-toxic baby toys, and your baby's favorite drinks and snacks.

A Little Shake, Rattle, and Roll

a colorful cloth cow rattle

A toy doesn't need to have all the bells and whistles to capture your little one's attention. Sometimes, the simple things are the most entertaining. Have you ever met a baby who didn't love a rattle, for example? They exist, but nine times out of ten, your baby is going to love playing with a toy that makes a sound.

Hatched Boutique's rattles belong to our line of Apple Park toys, so once again, you know that your baby is playing with something safe and sustainable. The fabric is hypoallergenic, making it ideal for your angel's delicate, sensitive skin. The rattles are filled with corn fiber rather than dangerous or toxic substances. They even come in packaging made with recycled paper and soy ink!

A Day at the Gym

Gym day is one way to make your little one forget about that tablet. Older toddlers are just the right age for a Baby Gym class. You should also check to see if there are any Mommy-and-Me events taking place near you. For younger children, invest in a baby play gym. You can give your baby a break from the screen while encouraging his or her motor skills.

Story Time with Mom

the Friendship Blossoms Board Book for babies

There's nothing better than story time with mom or dad. It's a wonderful opportunity for parents to bond with the baby, as well as instill a love of books and the adventures they bring. Your baby can snuggle up with a non-toxic baby toy, a favorite blanket, and a new story every night before bed. In time, your little one can read along with you.

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