Pregnant? Here’s the Music Baby Needs to Hear In Utero

If you’re expecting, you’re likely doing everything you can to make sure your baby has the best start possible. For newborns and babies, healthy bodies and brains begin in the womb, and in addition to eating well, getting quality sleep, and taking good care of yourself, there is plenty you can do to help your baby develop and grow before they’re born.

One of those things includes playing music in utero for your child, which studies show can stimulate their reflexes, help them bond with you, and soothe them while they’re still developing—pregnancy can be pretty amazing that way, huh? Read the Hatched Boutique blog for the best ways to introduce your growing baby to music and what kind of music to play for baby in the womb today.

Baby’s Developing Hearing

While their ears develop fairly early on, most babies begin to hear sounds in utero around 16 weeks, though most of the sounds come from inside of your body—the thump of your heartbeat and the hush of your breathing. Though by around week 22 to 24 of development, your baby will start to hear and even respond to noises from outside the womb. That means the middle of the second trimester is a great time to start finding music to play for baby in the womb, and their ability to hear music in utero will only get stronger with time.

Tips on Listening to Music Safely

While babies are generally well-protected from harsh sounds and their hearing can be a bit muffled, there are still some safety precautions you’ll want to consider before you hit play. Here are a few pointers on how to play music safely for your unborn baby before you start selecting music to play for baby in the womb:

  • Keep the volume at a moderate level—music is good for your little one, but exposure to very loud, repeated sounds can cause potential hearing issues
  • Give baby a break—prolonged exposure to music can overstimulate your unborn child
  • Avoid getting up close to the speakers in situations when listening to live music. Amniotic fluid does a great job at protecting your baby’s ears, but very loud music can startle them and cause more stress than benefits

Introduce Some Classical Tunes

The jury is still out on whether playing Classical music will help boost your baby’s IQ and snag them extra SAT points later in life, but some studies have shown that classical music is a great way to soothe your baby, both before they are born and afterwards. So, it can’t hurt to introduce them to their first Mozart Sonatas or your favorite Beethoven symphony when you’re thinking about music to play for baby in the womb—and it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a classical music buff yourself: the goal is to find something Mom and Dad will enjoy too. Plus, any music that helps mom relax is going to be good for your little one as well—consider playing music while doing a little self care for a great skin and brain-soothing combo.

Mellow and Meditative

Calming music, whether that means soulful R&B, slow, folksy jams, or meditative chants can all help soothe your baby, so don’t be afraid to play some of your favorite chill songs while hanging around the house. That said, one especially great way to introduce your baby to music in utero is to sing to them—your voice may in fact be the most soothing sound of all! One way you can get to know your baby and vice versa is to sing to them. They’ll learn to recognize and respond to songs you sing them in the womb when they’re born, and newborns will turn their head towards a voice they recognize—they’re hardwired to find their clan from birth.

Have a Little Fun

Playing music in utero doesn’t have to be all somber stuff—don’t be afraid to get a little playful when it comes to music to play for baby in the womb. Put on your favorite classic rock albums and have a dance party, or sing along to some top pop. There are lots of playlists out there for parents-to-be, ranging from cool jazz tunes to soulful acoustics, so go ahead and rock out to something you love. Your baby will benefit from you being active and happy, and who knows? You may have a future rocker on your hands! Just be sure to get them a fun rattle so they can eventually start making a little noise of their own.

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