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When bringing baby home from the hospital, it’s important that he already has most of the clothes he needs for his first few days. Yes, there’s a little room for error, but you’ll have a much more comfortable time as a parent if you have all the basics ready so you can focus on your new arrival.

At Hatched Boutique, we’re huge proponents of the completely organic layette. It’s not that we want to shelter our kids from everything - there are plenty of toxins out in the world - but we do what we can. We work on creating a natural immediate environment. We stock our boutique full of cute, cuddly, and baby-safe layette options so that when you (or a new mother in your life) start creating your next layette, you can go organic if you choose. Check everything off your list with the products we outline in this article!

The Going-Home Outfit

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For excited parents, the going-home outfit is one of the most important parts of the organic layette set. The hospital will provide you with all the clothing you need while there, but you’ll need to prepare your own clothes for baby to wear on the trip home. The best going-home outfit is not just cute but also foolproof. For instance, you need something that can accommodate the car seat straps and seatbelt. You’ll also need to prepare layers so that you’re ready for anything. Examples of newborn layette outfits to prepare include:

When choosing the top or bodysuit for your organic going home layette, make sure that the neck of the outfit is easy to deal with. Babies have extremely delicate heads and it’s best not to jostle or touch that area too much. Always go for clothing with front buttons so that nothing has to be pulled on over the head. And be prepared for the unexpected--if things don’t go as smoothly as planned, you want baby to be as comfy as possible!

Other Layette Clothing

Babies need a lot of stuff! It’s a lot of fun to prepare their layette, but it can also be a chore. To cut down on expenses and work, try to get as much of your child’s layette needs ready with help from your baby shower guests. Your personal organic layette will be up to you to create, but here are some of the products that we’ve always found to be necessary in our experience:

  • About 7 one pieces (long or short-sleeved, depending on the weather);
  • About 7 onesies;
  • About 6 pajamas (sleeping gowns or one pieces);
  • About 5 pairs of socks;
  • 2 or more hats;
  • 5 or more burp cloths;
  • 10 or more bibs.

Babies grow quickly. While your newborn organic layette is the most important thing to have right away, we also suggest that you prepare larger sizes ahead of time in preparation for those weeks when your child seems to be a different size every day.

Bedding Layette

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Bedding is a crucial component to get right in order to prevent SIDS. Make certain you do your research to ensure that your bed and bedding are as baby-safe as possible!

  • 2 swaddles. We recommend multi-purpose aden + anais swaddles;
  • 4 or more receiving blankets;
  • 2 or more fitted sheets for the crib mattress. We recommend Copper Pearl one-size-fits-all sheets.

Good organic layette bedding makes a difference. It is breathable, feels soft to the skin, and only gets softer with every wash. We carry bedding in a wide price range in all sorts of designs to help add comfort to your baby’s day and joy to yours.

Other Layette Supplies…

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We won’t list all the newborn care supplies you need here – we’re sure you’ve done your own research for that. However, we will suggest that you go organic with certain items on your list, especially those items that come in close contact with skin. Consider going organic for:

For all your organic layette skincare needs, we recommend products by Erbaviva. They are committed to using natural ingredients. In other words, you can pronounce all the ingredients in their products! Also check out organic skincare products catered for mommy’s use. Your new arrival isn’t the only one that needs some serious pampering after his arrival.

Shop Newborn Layette at Hatched Boutique

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Your baby deserves the softest, safest welcome possible, so make sure he has that with help from high quality organic layette clothing, bedding, and other products! One great reason to buy organic clothing and bedding is because they are made to last. You can throw them carelessly into the wash again and again; you’ll be amazed at how well they continue to soothe baby and keep her clean.

We’d be happy to help you prepare for your layette in any way possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us! Get started on layette clothing shopping for your baby girl or boy today!