Raising Baby Organically, On A Budget: Our Quick Guide

As a parent, you’re always looking to do everything you can to make sure your baby is happy, healthy, and safe. Perhaps your family already has an organic lifestyle, or maybe now that you’ve had a little one you’re looking for ways to transition into a more organic way of life. The good news is, parents and families have so many resources and options when it comes to living organically, eating organic on a budget, and finding all-natural products than ever before. Read our top tips for raising baby organically without emptying your wallet on the Hatched Boutique blog.

Sourcing Organic Baby Clothes

From crib sheets to playmats to those adorable little socks, babies come into contact with many fabrics over the course of a single day, so it makes sense to take a good look at the materials you’re putting close to baby’s skin. To raise baby organically, prioritize all-natural fabrics like cotton and wool, and shop for clothing brands and textiles that avoid potentially toxic chemicals and additives. While organic blankets, towels, and clothing may represent a greater upfront cost, all natural fabrics tend to be of higher quality and end up lasting much longer through wear and washing, so you can pass them from child to child with ease.

In terms of saving money on organic baby items, a little creativity and community spirit goes a long way. We love the idea of organizing clothing swaps or giveaways with other like-minded parents who partake in organic lifestyle choices. Instead of buying a ton of new clothes every time baby grows, you can enjoy lightly used hand-me-downs, discover new styles and organic brands, and pass off your baby’s too-small outfits to another grateful family.

Consider Cloth Diapers

Another way to maintain an organic lifestyle and save plenty of money at the same time? Consider swapping those disposable diapers for all-natural cloth options. As with organic clothing and textiles, stocking up on organic diapers will represent a higher outlay of cash at the beginning, but will end up saving your family plenty of money in the long run—as much as $1,500 when you add up what you’d spend on disposable diapers over a two-year period! Cloth diapers come in a variety of fits and styles and can be made without the potentially dangerous and wasteful plastics and chemicals that are found in many of the most popular disposable diaper brands. They can even help alleviate irritation, diaper rash, and chafing. In our book, that’s an organic lifestyle win-win for babies and parents alike.

Organic Foods for Babies

eating organic

Another way to promote an organic lifestyle for your family is to prioritize eating organic foods that have been grown without the use of pesticides. When baby is ready to start trying solids, parents can get creative with how they nourish their little ones. While there are plenty of great and tasty organic baby food brands, one of the best ways to start your baby eating organic on a budget is to puree your baby’s food yourself, using certified organic produce and fruits. You’ll be able to shop seasonally, blend flavors, and discover what your little one enjoys the most!

And, while you’re making the effort and eating organic on a budget, you’ll also want to make sure your dishes are baby-safe and free of PVC and BPA—we love these silicone plates in cheerful, kid-friendly prints.

Chemical-Free Skincare

Mom a little TLC

Nourish your little one’s skin with naturally-derived skincare products that will promote a happy, healthy organic lifestyle. While many babycare brands use mystery ingredients and unpronounceable additives in their products, when you shop for all natural skincare you’re able to understand exactly what you’re putting on that sweet, delicate skin. With babies, a little bit goes a long way, so you’re sure to get plenty of mileage out of your natural products, which will help net you savings along the way. And, don’t forget about giving Mom a little TLC with some organic skincare and beauty products that will help her look and feel great.

Discover Organic Baby Products at Hatched Boutique

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