Season of Giving & Thanks: Baby Brands That Give Back, All Year Long

At Hatched Boutique, like many of our loyal customers, we have values we want to instill in our children. Since gratitude and giving back are foremost among them, we’ve made it a priority to regularly feature organic baby clothes brands that give back.

Raising a grateful child begins early. Your child mimics what he or she sees before ever knowing what it means. It's essential for your kiddo to see you show gratitude in action. Start by setting an example, and buy products you can feel good about. You’ll be surprised what an impact it can make on their little minds and hearts. Following are some of the brands we’re proud to partner with, and why we feel they personify the term “giving back.”

Buy One, Give One

Child with Feeding America sign

One of our favorite brands that give back, is Bella Tunno. The company has strong roots in charity, having been established in 2005 as a business that would always give back to the community. Their darling silicon Wonder Bibs, durable dishes, and colorful toys are wildly popular. Better still, with every single purchase, one meal is provided to a child in need. The Buy 1, Give 1 initiative is one of the most impressive efforts we’ve seen to combat childhood hunger.

15 years later, the tradition of gratitude and giving back continues strong. Bella Tunno has partnered with Second Harvest Food Bank and Feeding America to operate an ongoing food pantry in Charlotte, NC. The pantry helps provide healthy staples for families in need. That’s not the only cause they’ve been behind, either. Bella Tunno has a rich tradition of partnering with exceptionally worthy charities and foundations, year after year. Buying an adorable dish, toy, or bib for your little one never felt so good!

Swaddled in Love

If you’re a mother, the mission behind aden + anais’ Swaddle Love Foundation will tug at your heartstrings. CEO and co-founder Raegan Moya-Jones found herself in Tanzania, navigating the adoption process there. What she learned at the orphanages led to the formation of the Swaddle Love Foundation. Through sales of their iconic easy swaddles, this remarkable initiative aims to provide orphaned babies in Tanzania with the most organic in human connections, and one babies desperately need – touch. A percentage of the company’s revenue from their famed easy swaddles and blankets goes straight to orphanages in Tanzania, providing more human, and humane, conditions for these little ones.

babies with aden + anais blankets

The company has also contributed to Hayden’s Heart, a CHD awareness foundation. Hayden Dorsett was a little boy who had passed away from a congenital heart defect. During his illness, he’d loved and found comfort in his aden + anais blankets. Moved by hearing of Hayden, aden + anais designed a line of 100% cotton muslin swaddles with tender prints in Hayden’s honor. A portion of the proceeds went directly to the Hayden’s Heart foundation. So you know when you wrap your baby in an aden + anais easy swaddle or blanket, you are wrapping them, and others, in worlds of love.

Fair Wage for Fair Work

Hatched Boutique doesn’t just carry brands that give back. We’ve made it a primary goal to carry organic baby clothes brands that are committed to sustainability--not simply in their materials used, but also in their business models. Many of our brands have displayed a commitment to fair trade.

But what we’re most proud of, is the fact that many of our products are made and created by mothers in developing countries--all of whom receive fair wages for their labor.

Since it’s the season of gratitude, we hoped you’d enjoy learning about our unique, often philanthropic brands. All of them provide an easy way to fulfill your baby’s needs with natural, sustainable products, and give back at the same time. What are your favorite responsible organic baby gift brands?