stuffed bunnies sit in purple spring flowers

A stuffed bunny, a teddy bear, or a cute little lamb is just what your baby needs to usher in the springtime. Spring is a time of rebirth, bringing to mind baby bunnies, frolicking puppies, and new beginnings. It's the perfect time to treat your precious bundle to a new friend, too. There's nothing sweeter than a cuddly, squishy baby plush that your wee one can hug and love. Discover an array of organic stuffed toys made of safe and sustainable materials, as well as exquisitely detailed plush pals that your baby can cling to all the way through childhood.

A Silly Buddy to Love

Warm Silly Buddy stuffed bunny

Our Silly Buddy plush toys are popular among babies and toddlers, not to mention their parents. The Warm Silly Buddy stuffed bunny is one of our top-sellers, but you can find bears and other animals in the distinctive style, as well. No matter which Silly Buddy you choose for your baby, it will be cuddly, soft, and wonderfully floppy. Your little one will love that, but as a mom, you'll love the handy loop that's just right for holding a pacifier, as well as the ability to tie the toy to your baby's crib, high-chair, or stroller.

A Big Cuddly Friend

Bruce the Moose baby plush

We have a variety of baby plush toys that your toddler can take everywhere and cuddle at will. Along with the standard stuffed animals, we have a fun menagerie available, which gives you the option to introduce your baby to new creatures and stimulate his or her imagination. Our plushies have fantastic features, such as hand-embroidered faces and unexpected details. For instance, Bruce the Moose, a starring character in Hatched Boutique's Camp Cricket Book, is true-to-life right down to his cool goatee. After picking out a stuffed toy for your little darling, check to see if your baby's pal has a coordinating book. The two of you can celebrate spring with a new friend and a new bedtime story.

Buddy Blankets for Babies

Bud Buddy Blanket stuffed bunny

Babies adore our Buddy Blankets, which feature characters from the Best Friends Collection. In addition to stuffed bunnies, the line boasts a bear cub, a moose (Bruce!), and a puppy called Cubby. All of the Buddy Blankets have squishy plush details and eye-catching patterns. Bud, the leader of the gang, has a carrot-printed blanket, as well as a tag that's the perfect size for chubby little fingers to clutch. Each Buddy has similar signature details to make them stand out as a Best Friend. Your little one can nap with a Buddy, take it to the park, or play with it at home. As a bonus, the Buddy Blankets can do double-duty as hand puppets for some engagement play.

A Pal with an Eye-Popping Pattern

Dreamy lamb stuffed baby toy

Baby plush toys should comfort baby and rouse his or her curiosity. Brightly colored toys with interesting patterns can ultimately help your baby or toddler begin to distinguish between different hues and prints. Even better, they hold your baby's attention. We have a sensational selection of hypoallergenic, organic toys that are all jazzed up with polka dots and stripes in vivid colors. For spring, surprise your darling with a precious little lamb that's full of curiosity and mischief, too.

A New Sidekick for Spring

Harriet the Hare Sidekick teething toy

Why not give your baby a stuffed bunny that can make him or her feel better, too? When your little one is teething, he or she needs a true sidekick who can soothe those sore gums. Our Sidekick toys are ready for cuddles, but they also double as teething rings. In fact, each Sidekick boasts several safe teething options made of silicone and wood. You can remove the wooden ring so that you can wash it, but you can also use it to hold a pacifier. The loop can be fastened to your baby's carrier or stroller, as well. Try Harriet the Hare to help your baby get through this painful but necessary growth spurt.

A Friendly Face from the Farm

Bucky the Horse baby plush

Little kids are often fascinated by farm animals. Maybe this spring, you can schedule a trip to a local farm with a petting zoo. Before you and your little one get to know the animals, you can splurge on a farm-friendly baby plush. Consider giving him or her a cute bunny, a sprightly lamb, or an adorable horse. We're quite fond of Bucky ourselves. Who can resist that sweet smile or that fabulous mane?

Explore our selection of soft toys to find stuffed bunnies, bears, lambs, and more. Hatched Boutique is happy to offer $6 flat rate shipping as well!