Erbaviva body butter

Self-care won’t solve all of your problems, but it’s a necessary part of any long-term mommy survival game plan. Think about it this way: wouldn’t you like your kids to grow up with strategies in their back pocket for restoring calmness and snatching tiny bits of pleasure no matter what emotional state they’re in? The best way to teach them that is to lead by example.

Create a self care regimen involving products that satisfy you while feeling only a tiny bit over-indulgent. There’s no need to fill a whole drawer with self care products; perhaps only one shelf of your bathroom cabinet. The next time you want to stock up on something to indulge in, we recommend going organic. Beauty that hurts your health would be counterproductive, so why risk it? From foods to spa stuff, we’ll cover a few of our favorite organic self-care buys in this post.

1. Aromatic Bath Products

For many people, taking a shower or bath regularly is a primary stress-relief ritual. With organic bath-time self care products such as a gentle and fragrant body wash, artisanal bath bomb, or exfoliating scrub, you can upgrade your cleansing ritual to a moment of pleasure full of sensations and smells you love.

Hatched Boutique is home to bath products by Erbaviva, an all-ages organic skin care brand that relies on nature to create positive beauty and health results. Their products, which include stretch mark cream and nipple cream, are very thoughtful organic gift ideas for any new mother!

2. Aromatic Massage Oil or Lotion

Erbaviva body butter

Bath-time with self care products is a great way to start an afternoon of self-pampering. If you have time after you finish – on a weekend, for instance – it can be a good idea to follow up the bath with a brief massage using an aromatic emollient lotion or massage oil. That way, when you do step back into the fast-paced routine of daily life, that nice moisturized and perfumed feeling will keep you going strong!

3. Essential Oil Aromatherapy

Two lit candles next to some towels with flowers on top of it

Continuing on the theme of aromatic self care products, we highly recommend giving essential oils a try. Just go to a shop with lots of different kinds available and give them a round of sniffs until you find something you like! There are lots of ways to use them. You can roll them on your wrist or behind the ears as perfume; you can roll them onto your yoga mat to enhance your experience on the mat; or, you can use them with an air diffuser to keep the scents in the air longer.

Smells are something you can enjoy in most settings. Keep a little joy in your pocket with a small tube of essential oils. Are you more of a candle or incense person? Those are also great aromatic self care products!

4. Face mask

No self care regimen is complete without something specifically intended for your beautiful face. Depending on what your goals are for facial skincare, there are lots of organic face mask ingredients that can reach them including:

  • Yogurt to lift surface cells
  • Aloe vera to boost radiance
  • Turmeric to reduce redness
  • Egg white and lemon juice to reduce the appearance of pores
  • Ground almonds to protect against pollution

Shop for an organic face mask containing these ingredients, or make your own using recipes found online! Creating and applying a face mask for your own mother would make a great personalized organic gift idea.

5. Juice or Smoothie

A woman lies on her stomach in bed next to a plate of bagels and juice

What you put into your body is even more important than what you put on its surface. Self care products are great to have, but whenever possible, you should also try to rejuvenate your insides with fresh, organic substances. When you’re busy (and especially if you’re a busy mom), it can be hard to stay in a health-oriented mindset. The right smoothie will provide you with some of the nutrients you need while also containing your favorite fruits and tasting delicious. It’ll also reacquaint you to the flavors of nature and leave you craving more of Mother Nature’s goodness. It would be impossible to oversell this one!

6. Something Comfy to Wear

Need a quick, effortless boost? Getting a wearable self care product – such as a comfortable new organic bathrobe, pair of slippers, silk kimono or hair turban – is a great way to feel more joyful even if you’re busy cleaning or doing errands. Make sure you have a “comfy but cute” outfit prepped for all those days when you want to spend minimal effort. Some days are meant for skinny jeans, but on some days only sweat pants or harem pants will do.

7. Organic Bedding

Hatched boutique baby bedding

You sleep in your bed every day. Though you don’t consciously experience every moment of your sleep, you DO feel the effects of your sleep the next morning. Good bedding is a crucial self care product that also makes an excellent organic gift idea. To get the best night’s sleep possible, make sure you not only wash and replace your bed sheets as needed, but also that you prepare natural (or at least non-toxic) bed sheets for your bed. At Hatched Boutique, we offer organic blankets for your child to use. But don’t just treat baby; treat yourself, too! We hear silk pillowcases feel amazing and come with lots of health benefits.

Upgrade Your Parenting Routine with Hatched Boutique

Shopping organic has a lot of benefits, including creating a non-toxic living environment, supporting better farming practices, and surrounding yourself with items that feel more comfortable on the skin. Most of the self care products and baby clothes at Hatched Boutique are made from organic materials. That way, it’s easy for you to stock up on organic parenting supplies all in one place. We’ve also got amazing mommy products in stock. Check out our list of all the awesome premium brands we carry here!