The Great Wide Open: Spectacular Outdoor Photo Shoots For Baby

If you’re raising a baby, these outdoor photoshoot ideas are a lovely way to commemorate this special and fleeting time in your child’s life. Whether you’re the type of family to hit the hiking trails every weekend with your little one or simply enjoy relaxing together in the sunshine on a nice day, you’re sure to love these suggestions for taking great kids outdoor photos that you’ll treasure forever. Read up on our top photoshoot tips on the Hatched Boutique blog.

Share Your Favorite Place with Baby

special spot

If you and your partner have a special spot—the park where you walked on your first date, the secluded beach where you got engaged—it can be particularly lovely to revisit it with your baby in tow for some doubly-meaningful kids outdoor photos. When it comes to outdoor photoshoot ideas, this is a sweet way to get the whole family involved and add lots of personal meaning to your images. And like many parents, you probably find yourself outside of the frame more often than not, but this could be a great chance to get at least a few images of all of you together.

Capturing Your Baby In Their Element

While we definitely love the use of props for baby photos, it can also be very sweet to capture your baby among the things they use and love every day and that you and baby already have a deep connection with. For newborns and younger babies, you’ll want plenty of their cutest blankets to swaddle them with, along with blankets that will serve as a background for many of your images—a Milestone blanket and card set can be a great choice that allows you to document each phase of your little one’s life. You may also consider gathering a few of their favorite toys to use in the pictures—and to keep them busy and entertained in between snaps.

Surround Baby with Blooms

Take your cues from the natural world when it comes to your outdoor photoshoot ideas: a few well-placed flowers or plants will go a long way in adding a sense of abundance and beauty to your images. You can work with synthetic flowers or fresh cut flowers, depending on your preferences, and choose containers for them that echo the overall look you are trying to achieve. Zinc buckets are great for a vintage-styled photoshoot vibe, while wicker baskets feel homey, rustic, and sweet. If you’d like, you can even make your own infant-sized flower crown for your little one to wear, give them a single flower to hold, or tuck a tiny blossom into one of their buttonholes.

Bring The Indoors Outside

Any outdoor space can be quickly converted into an amazing place for a photoshoot with the right background materials—even a cozy patch of your backyard will feel idyllic with the right outdoor photoshoot ideas and backdrops. We love the idea of setting up a sweet teepee or canopy for your little one to cozy up to outside, or bring a little bit of the indoors outdoors: a charming ottoman, chair, or even some soft pillows arranged to the right effect will create a super comfy, dreamy space for your kids outdoor photos and add a refined look to your final images.

capturing your child’s sense of joy

Taking Advantage of the Season

What matters most when it comes to kids outdoor photos isn’t waiting for the perfect weather, but capturing your child’s sense of joy and wonder at the world around them. The best outdoor photoshoot ideas can happen during any season, especially if you have the right clothing and props to make the most of things. This could mean stocking up on sweet sweaters for boys and girls during the fall and surrounding baby with plenty of pumpkins and gourds, or cute bathing suits, sunglasses, and bright balloons for summertime photo sessions. Use the weather and season as an invitation to see the world through your child’s eyes, and you’ll be sure to feel your creativity start to flow.

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