The Nest Egg: Curating an Organic Capsule Wardrobe For Your Growing Child

Organic toddler clothing contains no harsh chemicals or suspect materials. The sustainable baby clothes at Hatched Boutique, for example, are often made of 100% organic cotton that's been sustainably sourced. You're making an ethical, generous decision when you dress your little one in organic clothing. Your baby’s organic capsule wardrobe is made with love, and it shows!

A Collection of Organic Cotton Onesies

Organic toddler clothing is soft and all-natural, which is just what you want from something that's so close to your baby's delicate skin. Although your little one may grow out of them faster than you'd like, you should begin his or her organic capsule wardrobe with a selection of onesies. They're practical and precious for younger babies, mainly because they're versatile.

Not only do we have an array of onesies for boys and girls, but we also have every style that you'll ever need. Onesies with short legs and sleeves are ideal for lounging around the house, while long, cozy onesies are just what your baby wants when it's time to snuggle up and go to bed. Goodness, tiny babies can even get away with wearing their onesies when they go to visit grandma.

Bottoms That Your Baby Will Love

a toddler wearing an organic cotton outfit

Babies need bottoms, and not just to cover up those diapers! Even the youngest angel can be well-dressed. Your little one might not be able to strut the catwalk yet, but he or she can work that stroller. To debut the best-dressed baby in the world, your tot will need a bevy of stylish bottoms.

Versatility is a trait that all of your baby’s sustainable baby clothes should share, the bottoms and pants as well as the onesies. What you'll love about the leggings, pants, and shorts at Hatched Boutique is that many of them are stylish options for boys or girls—for boys and girls, in fact! While you can find plenty of pink pants for your princess and dinosaur-themed shorts for your little man, we have just as many options that are fashionable and functional for any baby or toddler.

Sustainable Tops in Classic Styles

a little girl in a black hoodie

Creating a capsule wardrobe full of organic toddler clothing is neither difficult nor unfashionable. On the contrary, our tops are so cute that you might be jealous that you can’t dress like your stylish baby. No matter what your child's aesthetic, we have options that will delight both of you.

For girls, you can discover an artful array of classic shirts and trendy pieces that will have her looking cute as a bug. Make sure you snag some tee shirts and raglan tops that she can wear on playdates and when she's just hanging out with mom and dad. You'll want a few dressy options, too, like tops with ruffled sleeves and pretty ruching.

Our shirts for boys are no less eye-catching. You can dress your little guy in graphic tee shirts and comfortable hoodies for school and for his off-time. Raglans and jersey-style tees are perfect for sporty boys, but we also have an assortment of soft, solid-colored tee shirts that are sharp, sustainable, and on-point for a variety of occasions.

One or Two Timeless Dresses

a little girl in a striped dress

A capsule wardrobe for a girl will feature a few distinct pieces of sustainable baby clothing. We're talking about dresses, of course! For every day and for special occasions, every little girl needs a dress or two in her closet. It offers another option because you're never too young to suffer a crisis over wondering what to wear.

Our dresses run the gamut between simple and baby-chic, so take a peek to see what catches your eye the most. Ask your little girl what she likes, too, even if she's only old enough to babble! She might want to live her whole life in a shirt dress—which, by the way, pairs beautifully with leggings for a whole new outfit. Sweet smocked dresses are perfect for portraits and special family dinners.

If you've got a sassy, fashion-conscious little girl on your hands, then you need to stock up on flouncy dresses with lots of ruffles. Rompers will get the job done, as well. They're an on-trend alternative to dresses that deserve a place in your little girl's capsule wardrobe.

Outerwear for the Weather Out There

a color-changing mermaid raincoat

A well-put-together capsule wardrobe contains organic toddler clothing for every circumstance, including inclement weather. Your baby needs a few pieces of stylish outerwear to round out his or her closet. Feel free to shop for multi-purpose coats, such as something that can work as a raincoat, a windbreaker, and a lightweight jacket. That will save you from having to buy a new coat each season.

Let your little one pick out a design or pattern that strikes his or her fancy. We've got the coolest raincoats—they change color when it rains, yet they're free of PVC. Little girls can rock a mermaid jacket and little boys can play in the puddles dressed in all their favorite cars and trucks.

Uncover organic toddler clothes for boys and girls. Create a capsule wardrobe full of timeless basics and sustainable pieces. Hatched Boutique can help you. For an extra 15% off your next order, sign up to receive our newsletter, which contains valuable style tips for your baby, too!