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If you haven’t yet taken a mommy and me class with your little one, we highly recommend that you give it a try! It’s a great way to add variation to your child’s schedule, learn new skills, and get some bonding time while you’re at it. Creative classes can help awaken talents, while active classes help create a habit of exercise for your kids.

We’ve tried a number of classes with our kids, and mommy and me yoga is one of the class types that leaves us feeling satisfied after every single session. How can anyone say no to zen, especially as a parent? We find that not only does yoga work wonders for mommies with busy lifestyles, but it also teaches kids peace and other essential life skills. There are many other ways that yoga can benefit both you and your children. Continue reading to find out what some of them are!

1. Crucial Bonding Time

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Our favorite part of going to mommy and me yoga is the bonding opportunity it creates. It’s hard to ever feel like you’re getting enough time with your little one during his first few years, and every experience counts.

Newborn Bonding

If your child is an infant, a lot of the poses in your mommy and me class will either involve looking at or touching your child. Your curious baby will enjoy watching and interacting with you in this relaxed environment. Some classes will even advise you on baby stretches you can do for your child.

Toddler Bonding

Mommy and me yoga can help you and your toddler bond through the shared experience of learning something new together. What makes it even greater is that yoga is all about moving your body in new ways, AKA play! During class, make sure to put the emphasis on fun and learning and not on perfection.

2. Health Benefits for Both

Yoga leads to increased strength, flexibility, and body awareness for those who practice it. Several other potential health benefits, including better digestion and respiration, are possible for both you and your child when you do mommy and me yoga. These benefits can be enjoyed even by beginner yogis, making it a truly irresistible form of exercise for kids and adults alike.

A Great “First Sport” to Try

As you may guess, the health benefits of yoga can easily translate to other physical activities. As your child grows and begins to pursue dance, soccer, or other sports, she will have a huge advantage thanks to her yoga background.

Postnatal Healing

There are many postnatal yoga classes out there specifically designed for mommies with newborns. These classes can help you ease the aches, tension, and physical weakness that are natural side effects of childbirth. You may be surprised by how much your body confidence and restfulness increase after your mommy and me yoga classes! Combine the relaxing effects with naturally aromatic postnatal skincare products for a holistic afternoon of healing.

3. Learn Mindfulness Together

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Though your daily routines may look very different, both you and your little one experience stress in some form. Mindfulness – the practice of being aware of and accepting of your thoughts and your situation – can help.

During class, your instructor will teach you to breathe with intention and do asanas, or yoga poses, that take some focus. Breathing and focusing happen to be two skills that can help increase your mindfulness in times of stress! When you breathe with intention, you can step back from a stressful situation. When you focus on your body, you can remove yourself from all the external factors that are influencing your emotions. You and your child will easily be able to take the practice of mindfulness out of the mommy and me yoga studio and into the home classroom, and workplace.

4. Better Sleep for Both

A 2012 National Health Interview Survey reported that 55% of yogis surveyed were getting better sleep because of yoga. It’s no wonder: the relaxed pace of most yoga classes can help bring practitioners to a more restful state. The practice also decreases your cortisol levels, alleviates chronic pain, and quells the bustling activity in your mind.

Does your growing child often come to your bedroom at night to report that he can’t sleep? Instruct him to make note of some of the mommy and me yoga poses that make him feel sleepy, and to do those right before bed. The same goes for you!

Practice Staying Still

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Most yoga classes end in savasana, or corpse pose. This pose helps you wind down from all the activity of before, and often results in a sleeping yogi or two! You or your child can repeat this pose at bedtime underneath a favorite blanket to get to sleep faster.

When you begin practicing yoga, you’ll learn that it’s far more than just a physical exercise for kids and adults. Sometimes, not moving is the point! When your child comes out of the mommy and me yoga class with a love of staying still, you’ll know that your efforts were worth it.

5. Socialize with Mommies and Babies

After having a baby, you may not get many chances for socialization. You spend lots of time parenting, and your choices are limited when it comes to personal activities. If you have an infant, she has to go wherever you go. If you have a toddler, she WANTS to go wherever you go. Even if you do have time for a social life, perhaps you’d like to get a chance to meet more parents to commiserate with.

A mommy and me yoga class allows you to make time for socialization while still keeping your little one happy. During and after class, you will be able to meet other parents, and your child will have the chance to mingle with kids her age. At a mommy and me class, everyone expects children to cry and make a fuss. You can feel confident knowing that no one’s judging you for having a noisy one on your hands.

Find Your Inner Peace… Together!

Few exercises are as perfect for all age groups as yoga, and a mommy and me yoga class is a great way to take advantage of this fact. Rather than aiming for 6-pack abs and weight loss, yoga equips you with tools that help you feel more peaceful and calm no matter what happens in life. Sure, you may want to add on higher intensity exercises for your kids later on, but yoga is a great place to start. Make an online search to look for classes in your area, then attend them with your child—or invite another parent and child to come along, too!

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