A baby wearing a snail costume sleeps in a bed

During baby’s first years, the quality of her sleep affects her parents’ well-being as much as it affects her own. When you’ve got a newborn on the way, expect to spend a decent amount of time figuring out how to get your baby to sleep on time, for enough time, and with minimal fuss involved.

While there are no one-size-fits-all baby bedtime hacks out there, we have found that playing white noise is a strategy that helps many parents get baby to sleep faster. It’s easy, inexpensive (or free), and relatively low-risk. You can choose a generic white noise, or you can choose a nature track to play. It all depends on what you and your child prefer. In this blog post: details to get you started with a little white noise bedtime experimentation of your own!

The Benefits Of White Noise

White noise can be defined as a steady but unobtrusive noise. If you’ve ever relied on the lulling ocean waves of a white noise phone app or on the steady beating of an electric fan to go to sleep, then you know exactly how white noise can benefit sleep for both you and baby. To sum it up, white noise:

  • Masks less consistent, more distracting noises such as talking, street noises, household noises, etc.
  • Mimics the noise of the womb, something that is more familiar to baby than a silent room
  • Can help baby know when it’s time to sleep, when used consistently

A significant 1990 study published in the Archives of Diseases in Childhood revealed that of 40 babies exposed to white noise, 80% went to sleep within 5 minutes. The effectiveness of white noise for getting a little one to sleep is undeniable, as long as you keep things safe (more on that below).

Noises From Nature

Both man-made and natural sights and sounds can benefit your child’s development. Playground sounds and car sounds, for instance, can familiarize your child with environments she will one day inhabit. Nature noises, on the other hand, tend to have a more soothing effect. Deep and pulsing noises, such as rain, heartbeats and ocean wave white noise will better mirror the pulsing that baby experienced within the womb. There’s a time and a place for Mozart and Vivaldi, but during relaxation hour nature-inspired white noise is a better choice for baby.

How To Use Nature White Noise Safely

Before using any white noise machine or phone app, make sure you know how to do so safely. For instance, 50 dbA is the maximum noise level that experts say babies can safely be exposed to. Also, no device should be placed within the baby’s crib, and nor should any cables. To keep your child from growing a dependency on white noise, we also recommend putting her to bed without any white noise at least once in a while. It’s nice to get some help with baby’s routine; it’s not so nice to find yourself powerless without that help.

Sights From Nature

Baby bassinet against an urban background

White noise isn’t the only way to soothe baby before bedtime. Going on a walk before naptime or bedtime is also a popular strategy. For one, the rhythmic movement of a stroller will help get your baby to bed. Sounds from the city will also help your child’s natural development. If you go on a walk in a natural zone such as a park, you will also get the added benefit of exposing your child to calming nature sounds and sights. For those parents who wish to raise a child deeply in tune with the natural world, nature walks are a great routine to begin in infancy.

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