What’s in your diaper bag? A swaddle? Bibs? Baby sunglasses, perhaps? Your infant accessories are like your silent support staff during feeding, changing, and everything else you and your baby do together. At Hatched Boutique, we provide all sorts of baby-safe accessories including wearables (beanie, anyone?), bedding, teethers and more. Many of the options are certified organic, meaning that you can go all-natural if you choose!

Healthier Alternatives to Mainstream Products

Our natural products are non-toxic and well made, making them safer and more comfy to use. We highly recommend choosing organic baby accessories, especially for products designed to come in contact with the skin or mouth. It’s good to know that rather than encountering toxins and irritating substances, your child is coming into contact with natural substances such as muslin, 100% cotton, natural latex, and food-grade dyes. As a bonus, when you shop organic or natural, you also support better farming practices and, more often than not, ethical business practices too!

Shop Essential Infant Accessories

It’s time to replenish or upgrade your current baby accessories with safer, healthier options. When you’re done, don’t forget to treat yourself (or the special mommy in your life) to our accessories for mommy! Get new toddler and baby accessories now and receive free shipping on orders $35 or more.