Baby Essentials

Baby Essentials You’ll Love

The biggest baby essentials come in handy all day, every day. You want to be prepared, and you want your baby to be safe. Hatched Boutique gives you the opportunity to do both. Take a look at our selection of eco-friendly baby supplies to stock up on everything you need. Our baby supplies make fantastic gifts for baby showers and welcome home presents, as well!

Everything Baby Needs

What are the baby essentials for your precious bundle? No matter what your infant needs, we promise that you'll find it here. Browse through our stock to collect all the must-haves you need. You can shop before you bring home the baby, or wait and see what your little one needs after he or she is all settled.

What does every baby need? Begin with blankets and sheets.

In addition to baby blankets for the crib, you can find fluffy towels that are large enough to double as blankets. Make sure that your baby is always warm and swaddled.Speaking of which, swaddles are must-have items, too. Mom or dad can cart the baby around no matter what they're doing, ensuring some heavy-duty bonding time. Rest assured that our swaddles are durable, soft, and safe for your baby's delicate skin.

Discover eco-friendly baby supplies that serve a practical purpose, too. You can never have too many burp cloths, for instance, and it pays to have some spares at the ready. Bath time products are essential, as well. While you're grabbing towels, snag a few washcloths and hooded towels, along with some bathtub toys.

Find all of your baby essentials at Hatched Boutique, where we pride ourselves on organic, sustainable products.