Baby's First Year-Blanket & Card Sets

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Parents love receiving Lulujo milestone blankets to celebrate their sweet baby. That first year is miraculous and momentous. It's full of firsts that the parents will want to remember. Consider surprising the little one with a baby's first-year blanket and card set that covers all the big moments. Hatched Boutique offers a dazzling assortment of blankets and cards. Pick out a blanket that's just right for a child who's always growing and learning.

A Year of Memories

Milestone blankets are more than gifts. A Lulujo milestone blanket is a memory all on its own. It memorializes that unforgettable first year, which passes by so fast that it's hard to keep up with everything! A baby's first-year blanket and card set will help with that.

The cards represent all of baby's biggest achievements and milestones so that mom and dad can remember what they were doing and how their little darling reacted. Parents can also use the cards as props to capture those moments and share them with loved ones.

In addition to marking time with monthly updates, our milestone blankets and cards pinpoint the big holidays. Parents can snap photos of baby's first Christmas or that first Valentine's Day with the little love of their lives.

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