Give Her a Soft Start with Organic Baby Toys

Your tiny moppet may be new to the concept of play, but you bet he already knows how to play hard. Our collection of soft organic toys and rattles is curated for the most baby-safe fun possible. What’s more, they’re also cute and imaginatively designed – something that both parents and children can enjoy.

Why We Go Organic

We prefer organic products for our babies, and that of course applies to the toys they use. One of our favorite materials is organic cotton, a buttery soft, hypoallergenic material. We make sure that the cotton we stock was dyed using non-toxic, eco-friendly dies – crucial for healthy babies and a healthy planet!

Soft, Lovable Rattles

Our soft organic rattle toys make great alternatives to their much harder plastic counterparts. Each plush toy rattle is filled with phthalate-free filling and makes a soft percussive sound when shaken. There are many different sweet characters to choose from, from princesses to zoo animals to dragons. Use these toys as comforting on-the-go buddies, or attach them to a baby mobile or play gym!

Browse Organic Baby Toys

Hatched Boutique is dedicated to bringing eco-friendly, baby-safe, ethically-made clothing, toys and accessories to your baby’s nursery room. Those first few years are difficult, but high quality, reliable products can help make things easier.

Our toys make the perfect gifts for your little one or an expecting mother in your life. Shipping is included on all orders $35 or more. Browse our collection now for hard-working products that bring joy to routine!