Bouncing Baby Bunnies By the Bay Books

The Bunnies by the Bay books are among the best board books for babies. You know the advantages of reading to your baby early and often. Even before babies understand the words or the pictures, they're retaining information. Board books are the perfect place to start. Bright colors engage your baby's curious mind. He or she will also love listening to the sound of your voice as you read the simple text. Involve your baby with the story, too! The two of you can bond during your regular reading dates.

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The Best Board Books for Babies

What's so special about the Bunnies of the Bay books? Everything! Each book teaches a lesson about self-love, friendship, and support. Your child will learn about helping others and having self-confidence.

Some books star children just like your baby. That makes the characters identifiable. Other books feature animal friends. Kids love animals who act and talk like them! Making the lesson entertaining is one way to ensure that it sticks. Your child will have a ball as you regale him or her with tales of Blossom and Bao Bao or Bud and Skipit.

Bond with your baby over the Bunnies by the Bay books. Snag the whole collection and score $6 shipping for orders within the US.