Bunnies By The Bay

Blankets + Stories = Naptime Delight

Baby accessory & toy brand Bunnies By The Bay is where fun meets useful for little ones. The Washington-based brand imbues each accessory they design with character, taking most of their inspiration from bunnies and other woodsy animals. The result? Everyday baby products that delight both mommy and baby.

Comfy Cozy Blankets

We love keeping our little ones cozy with blankets by Bunnies By The Bay. We stock the buddy blanket, a stuffed animal/blankie hybrid that you can take on the go. The hand-embroidered detailing and soft velour fabric is quality you can feel. These blankets also have a handy loop attached that allows you to secure them to a car seat, stroller, or crib, so that they can provide comfort in any setting.

Teach Lessons through Stories

Not only is Bunnies By The Bay home to an adorable cast of characters (with sweet names like Skipit the bunny and Bruce the moose), but they also create meaningful stories with which to educate little ones. Bunnies and little children populate their board books, which explore crucial themes such as friendship and the meaning of beauty.

Get Baby Blankets & More from Bunnies By The Bay

A little bit of innovation goes a long way when it comes to baby goods. Browse the pages here for not-so-basic baby goods—for instance, we just love the pacifier-holding plush animals, which serve two purposes at once. Shop our Bunnies By The Bay selection now and get free shipping on orders priced $35 or more!