Designer Products for a Socially Responsible Beginning

Elegant Baby is home to some of the most precious baby girl and boy clothes and accessories around. Founded in 1967, this North Carolina brand has also long been dedicated to socially responsible, sustainable business practices—two things that we find agreeable here at Hatched Boutique. Whether you’re shopping for your baby or looking for a baby shower gift for another hatchling, these products are sure to please.

Special Collections

Elegant Baby products are instantly charming. They offer lots of unique collections that you won’t see anywhere else. The “My First” line features baby versions of big kid clothes such as tutus and jeans, providing your little one with a chance to try out her future staple looks in her very first few years of age. The company is also very on top of seasons and holidays, offering cheerful on-trend pieces for every new stage of the year.

Top-Notch Gift Ideas

If you’re in search of the perfect gift, you’re in luck! Elegant Baby clothing is beloved by celebrities as well as everyday parents all around the country. They also aim to make quality designer items more affordable so that you can treat the special hatchlings in your life to the fullest extent without breaking the bank.

Shop Precious Baby Apparel

We can’t think of a better brand to go to when you’re prepping for a special baby photo shoot, or looking for everyday clothing that stands out. Elegant Baby clothing is just filled with personality and charm. Browse the brand and get free shipping on any orders over $35!