Safe Mommy + Me Beauty Products

Color-obsessed mommies and their color-curious tots can enjoy a beauty routine together thanks to Ella+Mila nail polish. This acclaimed indie beauty brand is ethically made, vegan, and eco-friendly, with a long-standing commitment to creating nail care products safe enough for children to explore… Under supervision, of course!

The Acclaimed 7-Free Nail Formula

While no organic nail polish formula has yet been invented, Ella+Mila gets as natural as possible by steering clear of the most common toxic chemicals found in nail polish. Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), and Formaldehyde are three such common substances that can negatively affect a child’s development. Ella+Mila nail polish avoids all three without sacrificing beauty: the formula is known to be extremely vibrant and is considered gel-like in its staying power!

Smooch Ethically in Vegan Lipsticks

Get ready to show some lip. Ella+Mila also offers a comprehensive line of trendy vegan lip colors for mommy to use! Their lip lacquer is perfect to swipe on for every occasion. Discover stylish mattes, glosses, nude shades, and more.

Shop Child-Safe Lipstick & Nail Care

Mommy + me beauty reaches its safest and most glamorous with Ella+Mila nail polish and lipstick. Get everything you need for that manicure, from nail prep products to adorable mommy + me sest. You’ll be amazed by the ever-growing spectrum of lip and nail colors you can choose from. Get ready to exclaim, “That’s just the color I was looking for!”