Safe Skincare for Both Mommy & Baby

Erbaviva is our go-to source for baby and mommy personal care goods that are as safe as they are effective. With offerings including baby-safe lotions and stretch mark reduction creams, this brand keeps real-life mommy and baby needs close to heart. They infuse their products with organic herbs and essential oils that smell delicious and feel great on the skin, too. Whether you’re using their lotions for bath time, sunscreens at the beach, or diaper cream for nappy changes, Erbaviva baby products make everyday moments feel great.

Potent, Organic Herbs for a Pampered Baby

Why rely on synthetic chemicals to moisturize, protect, and perfume your little one when you can get all those from natural, organic substances? Skincare moments should also be precious moments of bonding between you and baby, and that can feel difficult if you’re worrying about health and safety while you apply products. Good thing naturally-occurring ingredients work like a charm without causing harm. As you browse Erbaviva, look for effective natural ingredients such as:

  • Zinc oxide, a naturally occurring mineral with sun protection capabilities
  • Aloe leaf juice, a natural emollient filled with vitamins
  • Carrot seed oil, a natural antioxidant that can combat aging
  • Cocoa butter, a natural emollient rich in fatty acids

Gift Erbaviva to Babies and Moms-to-Be

Are your bath collection and on-the-go skincare bag in need of an organic revamp? From lip balms to baby oils, Erbaviva provides all of the healthier skin care you and your baby need for dry seasons, wet seasons, and everything in between. Shop the collection now and get free shipping on all orders $35 and over!

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