Holly & Beau

Designed for a Toddler’s Imagination

Founded by a brother-sister duo, Holly and Beau is a toddler wear company known for its delightful handmade color-changing raincoats and umbrellas. With whimsical patterns that capture the imagination of childhood, these magical raincoats will have your kiddo looking forward to every rainy day. There’s also a convenient stow bag attached to the back of the coats—perfect for mommies and daddies in a hurry!

Magic Color Technology

Sometimes, magic is simple. When rain hits these little coats, their white color becomes vivid-colored patterns right before your little one’s eyes. We’re talking rainbows, flowers, robots, and more. When the coats have dried off, they go right back to normal. Thunder and lightning isn’t the only show your child will get to see this rainy season!

Quality You Can Feel

Not only do Holly and Beau raincoats look good on the outside, but they also feel great to wear. Roomy, lightweight, and lined with breathable fabric on the inside, these garments were made for active, puddle-hopping little ones. Just make sure to add rain boots to match. What’s more, despite their high-tech design and handmade nature, these coats CAN be machine-washed on a gentle 30˚C/86˚F cycle!

Shop Holly and Beau

Sometimes, we come across baby clothes so adorable that we lament the fact they weren’t around when we were little. The raincoats on this page definitely have that effect on us. Find coats in your child’s favorite patterns now and remember that we give free shipping on orders over $35!