Hooded Towels

Discover Baby Towels in Hooded Designs

From Wet to Cozy in Seconds

Giving your little one a bath can be a challenge, especially when it comes time to take him out of that warm water and dry him off. From our experience, we’ve found that baby hooded bath towels are an effective tool to dry a newborn off quickly despite her energetic, busy arms and legs. Browse the selection to compare high-quality baby towels from premium reputable baby brands such as aden + anais!

Soft & Ergonomic Baby-Hugging Design

We stock baby hooded bath towels that are specifically designed to be just the right size and shape for infants and toddlers. The little hood slips easily over his tiny head, then the wide arm flaps wrap around his body so that he can get dry while wrapped in your arms or lying in his crib. For toddlers that like to run around a little after bath time, our baby towels also include handy pockets! Indulge your tactile senses while you bathe our little one with towel fabrics that are super soft inside and out.

Precious Newborn Prints

Our baby towels and other newborn accessories are never boring. Baby’s first few years are a trying but rewarding time and we like to help make the process more enjoyable by providing aesthetically pleasing apparel and accessories. Choose between soothing florals and trendy bohemian prints.

Browse Baby Hooded Bath Towels

Bath time is about to get a lot cozier and easier. Shop our baby towels now and finish your baby-safe bath collection with our infant skincare products!