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Baby Keepsakes & Delightful Gift Sets

Baby keepsakes come in all shapes and sizes. It ultimately comes down to the memories that mean the most to mom and dad. Some parents treasure their baby's first pair of shoes, while others can't bear to give up their little angel's first blanket. Of course, kids grow up to cling to some of the things they loved as babies, too, such as a treasured teddy bear or plushy toy. Explore the selection of gift sets for newborn baby girls and boys to find something memorable for your family or someone you love.

All of Baby's Firsts

Many baby keepsakes have one thing in common: the item represents baby's first experience in some way. One popular option is a Baby's First Year blanket and card set, which you can find in abundance. Not only does it have baby's first keepsake blanket, but the included cards give mommy and daddy the option to capture photos of their little one's first milestones and moments. We also have a first pair of jeans for baby, a first tutu, and even a pretty little box for her first tooth!

Coming Home

The day that baby comes home from the hospital is monumental. Look for baby gift sets that include baby's first gown. That's something the parents will want to treasure forever. If you're putting together a gift set yourself, include baby-friendly bath products and lotions, washcloths, and towels so that mom and dad are ready for their baby's first bath, too.

A Cuddly Friend

The first stuffed animal is a keepsake for sure. Present the baby with his or her first friend. It could be a squishy bear, a sweet bunny, or a moose that loves to hug. The kiddo might hold onto it all the way through childhood.

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