For Baby-Safe Smooches

Healthy parenting and a 10/10 face of makeup CAN go hand in hand! Hatched Boutique is proud to present our baby-safe vegan lipstick, featuring lip colors by Ella+Mila. Free of common makeup toxins including parabens and phthalates, these cosmetics help you and your little one stay safe while also helping you doll up in the colors you love. Wear these heart-stealing shades on date nights or to spice up the everyday.

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This Season’s Trendiest Colors

Each season, we release new lipsticks that fit the currently trending color palettes. If staying on top of cosmetic trends is important to you, you’ve come to the right place. We also stock vegan lipstick in timeless shades to help you build a versatile go-to collection that transcends trends.

PETA Certified Vegan Cosmetics

Sustainable and ethical beauty is important to us. We want our little ones to grow up in a world that’s harmonious with all the animal and plant life around us. Ella+Mila lipsticks are moisturizing and refreshingly scented while also being cruelty-free and vegan. For more ethical cosmetic options, please check out our line of trendy nail polish as well.

Shop Unique Lipstick

Our collection of bold and sexy natural lipsticks enables all women, including mommas, to get a look that makes them feel confident. With our affordable prices and flat rate $6 shipping on all orders, it’s easy to pick up several colors to complete your collection. Scroll through our current pallette today and check back often to see new shades!