Because You Prefer Natural

L’ovedbaby products aren’t your average basics—this brand imbues everyday clothing with the highest level of quality and safety possible. They’re also a certified organic brand with a genuine dedication to keeping bad stuff out of kids’ clothes. As mommies who prefer natural goods for our little ones, we love shopping onesies and other baby clothes from L’ovedbaby.

Organic & Free of Bad Stuff

The L’ovedbaby founders chose to go organic not just to keep baby safe, but also to promote better, more sustainable farming practices. They hope to build a better future for children everywhere, and they know that it takes a holistic effort. Their clothes (from fabric to front buttons) are completely free of common irritants including heavy metals, formaldehyde, azo dyes, PVC, and nickel. That’s what makes L’ovedbaby onesies the perfect gift for environmentally-conscious expecting mothers and babies with sensitive skin, alike!

Good Business Practices

We love brands that put in the effort to ensure that their business practices make a positive difference. L’ovedbaby products are ethically made in India. At their factories, living wages are guaranteed, working hours are fair, and workers are allowed to exercise collective bargaining, if they choose to. L’ovedbaby is our idea of a no-guilt shopping experience.

Browse Baby-Safe Clothing

It’s time to fall in love with soft colors, whimsical prints, and practical designs that are expressive but never too loud for the day-to-day. We have L’ovedbaby onesies and more to clothe your little one from birth ‘til his toddler years. Shop the collection now and remember that we offer free shipping on any orders $35 and over!