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Sweet Singles - Go Cruelty Free, One Color at a Time

After all the hard work and baby-raising you do, it would be a shame if you forgot to treat yourself. Meet the Hatched Boutique cruelty free nail polish collection! We sell colors as singles here, but you can also check out our nail polish sets if you want to add more than one exciting new color to your manicure box.

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Tough & Safe Enough for Mommies

As with all products on the Hatched Boutique site, we make sure that our nail polish is easy to use (for mommy’s sake) as well as safe to use (for baby’s sake). Mommies will love that our nail polish is chip resistant and quick-dry, while little girls will love the fact that it is safe enough for them to try! Our cruelty free nail polish is free of all seven of the common toxins found in nail polish.

Favorites from ella+mila

One of our favorite beauty brands with an emphasis on mothers is ella+mila. They make sure that their products are safe and easy to use while maintaining a commitment to trendiness. You’ll find lots of colors you didn’t know you were dreaming of, from chic pastels to party-ready glitter.

Shop the Nail Polish Collection

We wish that non-toxic and cruelty free formulas were ubiquitous in the nail polish world, but until then, we’ll always search high and low for options that are safe and eco-conscious to use. Add our beautiful colors to your own collection or as a gift for someone in need of a pamper sesh!