Nursing Cover

Baby’s Portable Sanctuary: Nursing Cover Ups

These breastfeeding covers are so easy to use that we’d file them under parenting hacks. One of the pieces of baby equipment that we never leave home without, nursing cover ups make it possible to feed baby no matter where you end up going. The ample cover will keep your session 100% private, but you yourself can peek in, thanks to the wide opening.

Find One in Your Style

Our covers are not only practical but also stylish. Our goal is to stock baby accessories that bring joy to your day. No matter what aesthetic you (and your newborn) call your own, there are beautiful styles here for you. We stock plenty of breastfeeding cover styles including prints, solids, stripes, and pleasant abstract designs. Colors for all genders, including gender-neutral, are included here. Who knew raising a baby could be such a ripe opportunity for style expression?

Not Just a Nursing Cover

We stock 5-in-1 nursing covers from Copper Pearl. Use them as nursing cover ups, high chair covers, shopping cart covers, car seat covers, or trendy infinity scarves. For the on-the-go parent, these multi-use breastfeeding covers make unexpected situations that much easier to handle. Best of all, when they get dirty – as baby accessories so often will – all you have to do is throw them in the wash and they’ll be as good as new.

Browse the Collection

Our nursing cover ups will allow you to feed your little one at your convenience, no matter where your life takes you. There’s nothing we love more than baby accessories that make it easier for mommies to live their best lives. Shop them now and get free shipping on orders of $35 or more!