Baby & Toddler Outerwear

Discover baby and toddler outerwear in a variety of engaging designs. The baby jackets at Hatched Boutique put the “fun” in functional! Check out raincoats and wonderful wet-dry jackets that your baby can wear no matter what the weather. The two of you can take a walk in the great outdoors or head to the park to splash in the puddles, and your little one will look fantastic all the while!

Jackets for Girls

Get your little girl ready for rainy and snowy days. Teach her good habits by proving that dressing for the weather can be fun. Check out baby and toddler outerwear that changes color depending on the temperature! She'll have one coat when it's dry, but if it rains, snows, or gets colder, then the design on her jacket will change colors. What little girl won't love that?

Coats for Boys

We have a bevy of baby jackets for boys, too. Uncover jackets for infants and toddlers. In his jacket, he can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air while he snoozes away in his carrier. Your toddler boy can head to the playground and roughhouse with his friends in a durable jacket that's as tough as he is. We have color-changing jackets for little boys, too. Pick between cars, pirates, and a variety of other vivid designs.

Adorable Outerwear for Every Occasion

Make sure that your little one has baby and toddler outerwear for every occasion, every season, and every type of weather. Lightweight coats are perfect for the day-to-day, but your baby will definitely need a raincoat for fall and spring since it tends to get rainy. Grab a warm, cozy coat for wintertime, along with a matching knit hat.

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