Organic Cotton Pajamas for Boys

Cute pajamas from Hatched Boutique can help make for a cozier, calmer bedtime. Check out our collection of organic cotton boys’ pajamas, essential for getting your energetic little one into sleep mode!

PJs for the Perfect Bedtime or Lazy Day

We stock clothing from premium baby brands, so go ahead and shop confidently knowing that our pajamas will comfort and soothe your toddler for countless charmed nights and lazy weekends to come. These PJ sets are stitched carefully, so no matter how your little boy tumbles and plays before bedtime, the threads won’t unravel. The pants are gathered at the ankles so that they can always keep up with his restless legs. Like all of our other clothes, our boys’ pajamas are all made from organic cotton, a buttery soft material loved by eco-conscious, health-conscious mothers everywhere.

Our PJs come in an assortment of dreamy, sleep-friendly colors and patterns. Fill his closet with designs ranging from calming to cheeky! We have short sleeve PJs for the warmer months and long sleeve options for the colder times. They feel especially great to wear after a soothing nighttime bath.

Browse Our Cozy PJ Sets

You and your toddler will love reaching for our cozy organic cotton boys’ pajamas when bedtime comes around. Shop Hatched Boutique PJs now and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $35!