Discover Toddler Raincoats For Active Kids

Looking for a toddler raincoat that your little guy will love wearing? Our selection of raincoats for kids features styles he’ll delight in, with plenty of mom-friendly features to boot. From color changing children’s raincoats to bold, bright prints, we have something for every toddler’s style at Hatched Boutique

Durable Quality Meets Fun Designs

All of our toddler raincoat styles have been hand-selected by our owner for their high quality, one-of-a-kind designs, and unique features that make life easier for moms and kids alike. Many of our raincoats fold up into pouches for easy on the go weather protection, while the light lining provides just the right amount of insulation for those drizzly days.

Comfortable and Kid-Safe

Our children’s raincoats are made from lightweight, waterproof PVC-free fabric, making them a safe option for your little guy—and they’re machine washable, which moms of busy toddlers are guaranteed to appreciate. In addition to being oh-so-comfortable for playtime, color changing raincoat options and vivid hues are sure to delight him every time.

Shop Premium Styles at Hatched Boutique

In addition to our toddler raincoat selection, we offer a wide range of quality boys and girls apparel, accessories, and toys with a focus on all-natural and organic free items. Shop today and enjoy stylish products from top brands and free shipping on every order.