Soft Toys

The Hatched Boutique soft toy collection is home to a carefree cast of cuddly bears, birds, and little princesses just waiting to be picked up by tiny hands and loved. We carry some of the best-loved products from designer baby brands such as Bunnies By The Bay, Maileg, and Apple Park so that you can browse the best soft toys for babies, all in one convenient location.

The Benefits of Organic Cotton

We stock toys made from 100% organic cotton, which we advocate for a variety of reasons: it’s buttery soft, hypoallergenic, sustainable, and safe for baby to explore however she wants. While we recommend organic cotton for all modern parents, we especially consider it a must for sustainably-minded parents and parents of children with sensitive skin.

For More Than Just Play

Many of our soft toys are more than just toys. Some of the products in our collection double as rattles while others are innovatively attached to mini blankets or pacifier holders. Your little one has a natural affinity towards adorable plush toys, so why not populate his world with functional tools that have character?

Shop Soft Toys for Babies & Toddlers

Your baby’s first plush toy is significant - it will likely stick with her for quite a while and become a part of some of her earliest memories. Find a toy that inspires your little one and you’ll be rewarded with endless moments of cuteness and calm. Browse our toys now and keep in mind that any order $35 or over qualifies for free shipping!