Pacifier holders and other soothing items are a mother's best friend—and babies love them, too! Every mom needs a helping hand when it comes to keeping her little bundle calm and happy. Hatched Boutique has a variety of baby products to maintain your baby's exuberance and well-being, including Serenity Star white noise machines. All of our products are organic and sustainable, so peace of mind comes with every purchase!

For Babies Who Love Their Binkies

A pacifier is perfect for soothing a fussy baby who needs a distraction. Plenty of babies love their binkies. The only downside is that it's hard for those chubby little fingers to hold onto their pacifiers. As any mother will tell you, it's a nightmare scenario when the baby drops or throws the pacifier. Your little one gets upset until you find and clean off the binky or grab a replacement.

A pacifier holder takes care of that problem! We have holders in an array of designs. They're like little key chains, but for pacifiers. You can attach them to your baby's crib, highchair, car seat, playpen, or onesie. Even better, get your baby a cuddly stuffed animal with its own pacifier attachment.

Drifting Off to Dreamland

Babies need their sleep. Mom does, too, but you can't sleep unless your baby is resting peacefully. Some babies need to drift off into dreams with a bit of extra help. When rocking your little one to sleep doesn't quite do the trick, a sound machine can be helpful.

You'll both love Hatched Boutique's Serenity Star, which can send your darling to dreamland in a blink. It's a fabulous 5-in-1 system that includes a clock, a feeding diary, a nightlight, and a room temperature display. You might want one for your room, as well!

Soothe your baby with pacifier holders, noise machines and other products designed to calm your baby, from Hatched Boutique. Score free shipping when you spend more than $35!