For Suave Lil’ Beachgoers

These toddler sunglasses are strictly for kids who want to turn heads at the beach! We welcome you to browse our just-for-kids sunglasses line. They’re not only cute, but also sturdy enough to survive quick and clumsy little hands. Look for classic and cool frames for movie stars in training, or look into futuristic rounded frames for fashion risk-takers.

Do Kids Need UV Protection?

Moms and dads aren’t the only ones who should have a pair of reliable sunglasses on hand all year long. We highly recommend the best kids sunglasses for beach trips, park visits, and romps in the snow. As it turns out, kids will not only spend more time in the sun than most adults, but their eyes are also more absorbent of UV rays. For your child’s sun care routine, we recommend beginning with a generous helping of Erbaviva organic sunscreen, then following up with a nice brimmed hat and a pair of our snazzy shades in your baby’s favorite color.

Get Beach-Ready with Hatched Boutique

Hatched Boutique works to collect the best and safest baby clothing, accessories, and skincare for you in one place so that you can focus on bonding with your little one. Pick up some sweet toddler sunglasses and other baby accessories on your list today and receive $6 flat rate shipping!