Rubber Teethers For Baby’s Development

The rubber teethers at Hatched Boutique stand out for a variety of reasons. Your baby's health and safety are as important to us as they are to you. For that reason, we're proud to offer an array of eco-friendly teethers that are 100% safe for your precious little one. Ease your baby's teething pains with confidence. Your tiny darling will love the colorful, eye-catching designs in our stock.

Safety First

We go to great pains to ensure that our rubber teethers are safe for your baby. Each rubber teething accessory is made using natural rubber. You can find latex options that are just as safe. Silicone is another pick.

Our teethers are completely non-toxic. No matter what design or style you choose for your baby, we guarantee that our teethers are free of BPA, PVC, Nitrosamine, and Phthalate. The vibrant colors come courtesy of natural food-grade dyes that your baby can safely gum all day long.

Going further, our eco-friendly teethers are also biodegradable, making them even more environmentally friendly. You can rest assured that they are antibacterial, as well. In addition to gumming our engaging teethers, your baby can play with them in the tub. At Hatched Boutique, we love multi-functional accessories!

You want your baby to have the best of everything. Hatched Boutique’s rubber teethers are the only choice. Sign up for savings on your first order and get $6 flat rate shipping.