Wooden Toys

What is it about wooden toys that make them stand out from modern playthings? Metal and plastic have their place, but metal toys may not be safe for children, and plastic toys can break after rough handling. In contrast, natural wooden toy cars and trucks will last far beyond childhood and into the next generation. Better yet, they make great organic baby gifts.

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The Wonder of Wooden Toys

Our wooden toys are durable, which is a huge part of their appeal. No matter how enthusiastically your little tot plays with his or her wood cars, buses, and trucks, they won't break. Unlike plastic, they won't fall apart piece by piece.

Another reason to treat your child to wooden toy cars is that they're brightly colored. That's enough to capture your child's attention. The ability to make the toys run around on their fully functioning wheels is another draw. As a parent, you'll love the rounded edges and all-natural construction. Your baby can gum his or her wooden car to death without care.

Choose between a set of two cars or two buses. The buses resemble VW minibusses! Two is always better than one. Your child can share with a friend or race the cars together.

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