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When our kids were little, we made the decision to clothe, bathe and entertain them using the most natural baby products possible. Several years (and babies!) later, we’ve collected a list of some of the awesomest manufacturers of natural baby products out there. Here at Hatched Boutique, you can tick off many of the items on your mommy + baby supply list, all in one place!

Safe, Sustainable Baby Brands

We carry clothing, accessories, toys, skincare items and other natural baby products made and dyed with materials mostly sourced from nature. You’ll fall in love with garments made from 100% organic cotton, which is luxuriously soft (and softer with every wash). For playtime, explore our beautiful and sustainable wood, bamboo, and cotton toys that are safe enough for baby mouths.

Chic Mommy Brands

Because mommies need pampering too, we invite you to sift through our heart-snatching collection of mommy brands. Stock up on ethical, safe mommy skincare, makeup, and parenting accessories such as labor gowns, diaper bags, and nursing covers.

Stock Up on Natural Baby Products

There are lots of baby-safe, ethical, and environmentally-friendly children’s brands out there, and Hatched Boutique is home to the best! Explore our brands today to discover something for your family, or for an expecting mother in your life.